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– We were born in the cloud and that is the only place where we will take our customers!
– We work exclusively with helping our customers to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits!
– We have increased our focus on Cloud Security as a complement to Office 365, Azure and EMS.
– We have opened our second office in Orebro (it is in Sweden).
– The past 12 months we have helped nearly 200K users to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud!
– Our Managed services have more than 20K connected users!
– Our customers are mostly in Europe, but we also work with the US and APAC.
– We usually work with clients from 250 up to 10K users.
– We have the key figures that get the traditional IT companies to wonder what they are doing wrong!
– We are the cloud and we know our name!
– We eat, live and deliver cloud solutions.
– When no one else can handle the cloud – Altitude 365.


We are born in the cloud

– Through the benefits of the cloud, we transform your employees into productive heroes.

Begin your journey to the cloud


What opportunities are there in the cloud for your company? We guide you towards a cost-effective IT platform with long-term functioning IT solutions. This in turn increases the efficiency and lowers IT related costs.


Our mission is to understand your business needs and then do our best to turn your employees into productive heroes, so they can focus on what they do best! From the first meeting we tailor a solution for your company.

Migration to the cloud

We simplify the way to the cloud. We are driven by your development and want to help you create a more efficient living with less administration. Cloud services offer secure data storage, application management, processing power and capacity etc.

Our Services

Azure | With Microsoft Azure, your company can get a security and scalability that many traditional hosting companies lack. Altitude 365 enables a smooth transfer of your data center to the cloud.

Office 365 | Microsoft Office 365 is a solution that facilitates your communication and productivity. Office 365 is the ultimate cloud service for small and large companies that want to achieve efficient and secure document.

Managed services | Do you use Office 365 and Azure in a desired and effective way? Managed services is a packaged solution designed for you to utilize the functionality of programs and thereby achieve maximum ROI on your IT investment.

EMS | EMS can briefly be described as Identity + Mobility + Security. We help you secure your IT environment and with EMS, we can identify threats before they do harm.

Cloud Security | In today’s complex and regulated environment, companies need to focus on building secure solutions in the cloud, rather than on infrastructure. With Cloud Security you can receive a higher level of security in the cloud.


AQ Group

AQ Group is a global manufacturer of components and systems for demanding customers in the industrial business.


Bisnode simplifies life for those seeking answers to small and big questions of business life.


NCC is one of the leading construction and property development companies in Northern Europe.


Ragn-Sells are Sweden’s foremost expertise in recycling and environment.

Great thanks for yesterday! After yesterday we have suddenly come a long way away forward in understanding how Azure works, then we did by talking to many other consultants over the past four years.

CIO | A Swedish municipality

The workshop was rewarding and gave us a better understanding of how we can move on in our mindset and how we present a new service like Office 365 in our organization.

CIO | A Swedish authority

Today at 6:00 pm, we’re pointing out our MX from Google apps to Microsoft 365. Awesome job done by Altitude 365 that fixed it from start to finish in just a couple of weeks!

Partner | A well-known Swedish private company

Because of the partnership with Altitude 365 we have not only gotten a fantastic solution in place with strong consumption plans for all workloads, we are also a incredibly happy customer!

CIO | A Swedish municipality

About us

Our customers

In a world where the digital revolution is faster than ever new demands are set for companies, organizations and agencies. Our clients can be found within the sectors of; Private, Public, Healthcare and Banking, finance and insurance.

Our areas of expertise

We are a cloud based IT services company that operates globally and simplifies the way to the cloud. Our specialty areas include Azure, Office 365, Managed services, EMS and Cloud Security.

Thought leaders

Altitude 365 has extensive experience, international recognition with multiple MVP awards, and masts (MCSM) certifications. As both Microsoft High Touch & Gold Partner Altitude 365 is the leader in cloud services.

High competence and commitment

Our employees are high certified and possess solid technical knowledge and a great commitment. Our ambition is to be a long term partner that helps to streamline, develop and improve our customers way of working with IT.

Our mission

Our mission is to understand businesses needs and through the clouds benefits transform employees into productive heroes, so they can focus on what they do best!

Born in the cloud

Altitude 365 was founded on the realization that the jobs in the server halls were moving away. The cloud was the future and where the company was born.