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Skype + Roadtrip = Love

When we are travelling we use Lync Online to connect to partner, customers and colleagues. However, there is one gap and that is how to connect to our families. To connect to our families we use Skype because that gives us both voice and video and at no cost. Today while we went from Los Angeles to Las Vegas we connected Magnus to his family back home. Magnus had a great time talking to his kids! On the picture below you can see his kids on the telephone display.



During the call Magnus explained to his son Leo about how big the trucks is in the states. Leo, who is a big fan of big trucks, had many questions regarding the trucks over here and Magnus had to explain everything to his curious three your old kid. That was easy to do while using Skype because the sound and video quality was great even thou the MecRoadTrip truck was moving on the Foothill Freeway.




We connect to the internet by using a Huawei E5776 mobile 3G router with a T-Mobile pre-paid SIM-card inserted into it. That is a great device that is really easy to use. A great travelling companion that keeps you from the roaming costs.


The Altitude Crew

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