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Use Nokia Lumia as GPS

The Altitude crew has been on the road for a week now, travelling from Los Angeles to Tucson by car. When driving on unknown roads its really useful to have a GPS and for that matter we use the built in Here ™ GPS in the Nokia Lumia 1020.

The GPS has all the features that you need. For example it has offline capabilities for the maps, so we where able to download the maps for the states we planned to travel trough. That way there is no need for internet access while in the car. However, when having internet access the GPS downloads traffic information. The GPS also has speed limit warning functionality which works perfect.


You also have the option to chose from a wide verity of voices. Almost all languages are represented and as we are the coolest guys on earth, we always use the voice “Surfer Dude” Ler



We use a car mount from Brodit. This is actually quite nice as the holder has a built in 12 volt cell phone charger and the mount allows for rotation which is good when using it as a GPS.

Sunny greetings,

The Altitude Crew

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