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Altitude MEC QUIZ Questions round up

As you may have seen we have had a quiz during our road trip, with 10 Exchange or Office 365 questions. The winner will be chosen from the persons that answers all of the questions correct, attends MEC and sends in the best one-liner, we will give a score for each answer and the ones with the highest score wins.

This is the final post before we select the winner and we will round up the questions here for those of you that didn’t have time to answer yet.

However you only have until Monday 23.59 (Central Time Zone) to send in your answer and we will then go through them and select a winner.


Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 1:
What is the storage limit for an Office 365 unlicensed shared mailbox?


Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 2:
Dell Software’s ZeroIMPACT migration methodology includes 4 main parts, or phases. What are they?


Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 3:
In which order is AutoDiscover retrieved by an Outlook 2010 and 2013 on a domain joined PC?


Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 4:
In Office 365, what steps do you need to accomplish to extend a Shared mailbox to have a storage limit above 10 GB?


Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 5:
What mechanisms for encrypting a single e-mail are available from Office 365/Exchange Online?


Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 6:
Is it possible to get free busy coexistence between on premise Lotus Notes and Office 365 / Exchange Online?
If possible, extra points for giving a high level explanation on how!


Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 7:

You are the administrator of an Office 365 tenant. You are asked to assign licenses to 250 users. None of them has any license assigned and when you are done, all of them should have E3 with all options enabled.

What is your favorite way to accomplish this?


Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 8:
What is your favorite Exchange Online Powershell one-liner?


Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 9:
What is an ImmutableID and how is it generated?


Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 10:
What is the size limit of an Archive mailbox in Exchange Online with an E3 subscription?


To answer these questions, send an email to

Good luck,

The Altitude Crew

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