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Play to learn #Office365

I love how this relates to how we use technology to do our dayly work. Play to learn. For us its more like “lets create an Office 365 tenant and build ADFS in azure and se how that ipad behaves when we add it via workplace join in Intune and Azure” we do it in our labs, in our trainings and then at our customers. But the fundamental is there – Play to learn – and we love our “work”!

Toddlers do not fear technology, they don’t shy from hard work, they naturally want to work together, and they play to learn. Kids understand that we can do more together than we can do alone!

They need to collaborate to collect and share ideas and get others onboard (because it’s fun!). And they need the best productivity tools so they have one source to confer, no matter their location. For toddlers it happens in play. For us it happens in work. These toddlers teach us a few things about getting down to business, getting help from the right people, from the right tools, to accomplish anything. Read more about Office 365 for Enterprise at

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