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Online Proctured Exam – My first experience

UPDATE on 2014-12-30

Today had my second exam and I got the same problem. The only difference was that the Chat window connected, but still no photo for ID or head shot. Got another incident number for Pearsson Vue help line. This time the greeter asked be if i where on wireless or wired and of course I am on Wireless so he tried to blame the problems on that. However, the Technical Requirements just says wired connection is a strong recommendation and nothing more.

Also, a colleague of mine had the same problem today and he was sitting on a wired connection…

Hello all,

Today I was scheduled for a Microsoft MCP Exam, an Online Proctured one. The concept felt right for me as I need to travel a couple of hundred miles to get to my nearest test center and also, the Online Exams has a great price tag. It was very convenient to schedule the test and after just a couple of minutes I had my two tests booked.

There is a lot of requirements for taking the Online Proctured Exam, so I read through the list and verified that fulfilled all things. A couple of days ago i also accomplished the two system tests on Pearsson VUE’s website and all tests was passed.

So, at 17:00 CET I clicked “Launch test” and the wizard took me through the check in process. This means you need to take a photo of your ID and a head shoot of your self. No problem at all. Also the microphone and webcam was checked. After a couple of minutes the greeter called me on my cell phone and we made some tests for voice and connectivity.

However, he couldn’t see my head shot and ID photo in their system so he instructed me to take another one which I did. Still no photo on his side. After a couple of more tries he gave up and created a support case. He gave me the incident number and a telephone number. Before hanging up I asked him if this happens a lot and he told me that it has happen before but not very often.

I called a got to talk to some one at VUE Pearsson support. He was not able to help me at all apart from cancelling my test. He recommended me to call Microsoft to discuss the issues. No matter what I told him he asked me if I wanted to cancel the test or not. After a while I realized that I was wasting my time. A perfect example of bad customer support.

I have another test scheduled for tomorrow and hopefully this will be of a better experience.

Magnus Göransson

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