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Meetings and Media in Skype for Business from Microsoft Ignite 2015 in Chicago

So what have we been up to latley?
Well its been a super busy spring for us all!
We have been buzy with migrating 10s of thousands of mailboxes to Office 365 and enabled a lot of those for Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), the Azure projects we are working on are super exciting and we are starting to see how Internet of Things can be a part of our daily life in the future, by the things we are helping our customers to do now in Azure.

And in the middle of it all, there was Microsoft Ignite in Chicago were Tommy Clarke had a session on Meetings and Media in Skype for Business.

We first went on a road trip through USA just before ignite and did some work, fun, work, relaxing and work.

At the Ignite, Tommy had his session Meetings and Media: The Detailed View and was busy with that and the rest of the guys were attending as many sessions possible
Check out the session bellow.

We are not sure why the presentation (PPTX) is not uploaded on Channel9 but send us an email if you want it and well send it over!



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