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Problem using the test failover function in Azure Site Recovery

This is just a small post about a problem I come across when I tried to do a test failover in Azure Site Recovery

statusMessage:{“error”:{“code”:”MissingSubscriptionRegistration”,”message”:”The subscription is not registered to use namespace ‘Microsoft.ClassicCompute’.”}}
The operation was stopped. (Error code: 548)

Possible causesThe operation was stopped because the retry limit was exceeded.
RecommendationWait a while and retry the action.

In this scenario I have created a new Azure subscription and configured ASR with Hyper-V. After a complete synchronization to Azure I tried to make a test failover of one of my VM’s, and got this.

(see the errors above)

Note that this subscription is completely empty and I guess that’s what’s courses the problem. ASR creates a site recovery vault and a storage account. I didn’t create a vNet for my VM’s either.

After some searching on the web I found that others have had the “MissingSubscriptionRegistration” issues in other namespaces, e.g. “appinsight”.

And the solution was as simple as, “manually create a web app and try again” and that’s what I did.
I manually created a new VM in a new cloud service and BAAM!! ASR successfully created my test environment.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a coincidence but it helped me, I hope I’ve help someone else by telling you this.


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