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Mac OS X management

A couple days ago Microsoft started to rollout support for Mac OS X in Intune. These features will show up under the coming weeks in Your tenant.

It’s easy as with Windows to get started for the user, just logon to the portal and enroll.

Mac in Intune portal

The support for WI-FI profiles, Certificate profiles and VPN profiles is there.
It’s possible to set password policys and it will also be possible to check wether disk encryption is on or not  (File Vault II).

Hardware Report provides all the important details about the device and its configuration state, including critical information about the OS X version, the serial number and the last time the device checked-in to Intune..

The Software Report details all of the apps installed on Mac devices, including the unique app identifier, the exact version number, and the app friendly name.

On of the most intereseting thing is that “You can use the Apple Configurator tool to export a custom .mobileconfig file and upload it to Intune.”

Will report in detail how it works in a coming blogpost.

Read more of the Mac OS X support at the Official Intune Blog

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