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Admin access to users OneDrive for Business

The users OneDrives are only access by the users itself and the ones who the users have given access to. Of course there are some time when IT or some other user need to get full control of a OneDrive.

One scenario could be that the user needs document that has been deleted and the users doesn’t understand what the Recycle Bin has to do with it. 🙂


So logon as a SharePoint Administrator in the SharePoint Admin Center.

Click User Profiles and then Manage User Profiles.


Search for the profile that needs to be accessed.

Click the user that you want to modify, and then click “Manage site collection owners.”



Add an Administrator or other user as a Site Collection Administrator, and then click OK.


Click the user again, and then click Manage Personal Site.


This will drop you into the Site Settings for the user. Click Documents and you’ll be in the user’s OneDrive for Business. You can now access the Recycle Bin if that’s what You’re after.



When You’re done, remove the Administrator settings from the User Profile. The user can see that permission you have given and an IT Admin should not have daily access to other users OneDrive.


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  1. Peter

    Great article. Thnx


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