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ImportExcel Powershell

If you have Windows 10 or Windows Management Framework 5.0 (WMF5), you have PowerShellGet.

To install the module run the following command, in a elevated powershell.

Find-Module importexcel | Install-Module

Let’s get all the new commands from the module and try one out.

 Get-Command -Module ImportExcel

 (Get-Process) | Export-Excel c:testtest.xlsx

Open text.xlsx

. "c:testtest.xlsx"

Change something and save.

$in = Import-Excel c:testtest.xlsx #Import the excel workbook to  a variable
$in | group Name #Group the "Name" column to find all Unique names

And there you have it, works grate and look good. Remember if you use this module in your script it’s only on your computer. If you move the script you need to install the module on the target machine as well.

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