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Incoming e-mail hits the trashcan!!

Today I got a call from an IT admin whos environmet we onboarded two weeks ago. One shared mailbox had the issue that when an incoming e-mail arrived it instantly was moved to trash.

No rules on the mailbox and no transport rules.

Weird but I discovered that the shared mailbox was an equipment before migration and after the migration it was of course an equipment mailbox as well but, the IT admin had set the following command on all rooms and equipment mailboxes:

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept

After that the customer realized that this is actually a shared mailbox they converted it to that. No problem except that the Calendarprocessing doesn’t change. So the incoming e-mails will be handled just like before. Add to calendar if the e-mail is a booking then send to trash.

Checking the value we can see the problem on the shared mailbox



So, let’s change the AutomateProcessing to ‘AutoUpdate’  ……………… nope, cant do!



This setting only applies on Room and Equipment mailboxes. First You have to change the mailbox to a equipment , change to AutoUpdate and then back to a shared.



Wohoo, now the new e-mails stay in the inbox!!!





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