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When Azure backup is not working

Backup is really important, perhaps one of the most important task we have to work with. Since I’m a Ninja Azure it is obvious that I use Azure Backup to handle my backups. I have previously encountered a couple of problems that I intend to share with you.



Re-register your server

If you want to reinstall the Azure backup client, it is common to encounter the following error.

“Failed to re-enable existing scheduled backup settings.”reregerror


Fortunately there is a simple solution. Log on and clicking through to your backup vault. Locate your server and select it. Then click on “Allow re-registration”.


Now it will work just fine to register the server again.


Full disk problem

Another error that is also common is that there is not enough space left on the disk where the backup cache is located.

If we look in the event log, the following error will show up. It does not tell us any useful infromation.



But a great indicator of this error is when one of your drives will be at 0 bytes free space.

Previously Azure backup client demanded 15% of the total size of the backup as a cache. Nowadays, it only needs 5% so make sure you are running the latest client.


Sometimes it may not be possible to extend the disk or deleting data. If you have made a next, next, finish installation the client will be installed on the OS disk and running backups of large amounts of data will mean that the OS disk frequently becomes full.

To move the cache, you need to reinstall the client. Keep in mind that this also requires a re-registration on the server as you read about above in this post.


SQL-Sevrer backup problem

In the Azure backup client I saw this error.

“Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent was unable to create a snapshot of the selected volume. Please try the operation again. If the issue persists contact Microsoft Support.”



Azure backup using VSS to take backups so I tried to do a manual shadow copy. Although this failed. Conclusion, there is nothing wrong with Azure backup client.



Event log states that we do not have enough space which is not true at all. In this case i had plenty of free disk left.



After more searching I found that a tool to send backups directly from the SQL-Server to Azure was installed. I uninstalled it. Remember to take care of any SQL backups that may have been using this tool.



Not sure why that was installed from the first place, since SQL-server 2012 we have native support .


Reboot the server and the backup should now work as expected.


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