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Where() method doesn’t work in Azure automation classes

At this moment Azure Automation is using Powershell version 5.0.10514.2 and for me this was a bit problematic. Because I was using a newer version, I know I have only myself to blame for all the testing and headache but here is a fun fact.

.where() methods doesn’t seems to work in classes in the current ps version used in Azure Automation.

This is my test script
#Create custom object
[object[]]$list = $null
$list += New-Object -TypeName psobject -Property @{Name="t1";ID=([guid]::NewGuid()).tostring()}
$list += New-Object -TypeName psobject -Property @{Name="t2";ID=([guid]::NewGuid()).tostring()}
$list += New-Object -TypeName psobject -Property @{Name="t3";ID=([guid]::NewGuid()).tostring()}

#Diplay object
Write-Output $list | select Name,ID 

#Create test class
class test {
    test ($name) {
        $ = $name
    [test] UpdateID ($obj) {
        $ = $obj.where({$ -eq $}).ID
        return $this
    [test] UpdateIDidx ($obj) {
        $ = $obj[$index].ID
        return $this
Write-Output "Test Methods"
Write-Output ([test]::new("t2").UpdateID($list)) | select Name,ID #Test Where Method

Write-Output ([test]::new("t2").UpdateIDidx($list))  | select Name,ID  #Test indexof Method

Write-Output "PS Version"
Write-Output $PSVersionTable["PSVersion"].ToString()
And this is the result
On my computer

In Azure Automation


Do you know why or am I doing it wrong? Feel free to comment.

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