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Azure DNS is simple and fast!

Did you know that Azure have a public DNS service? It is a part of Azure resource manager, and is currently in public preview. Azure DNS is using anycast networking to make sure you get a fast answer from the name servers. Often DNS changes require the host master to be contacted. In Azure we can use role based access control to make sure only the right persons have access to their DNS zones. This would allow us to let more people handle the domain name they are currently working with. Without compromising on security because it is authenticated with Azure AD.

Unfortunately, Azure does not support purchasing domain names at the moment, but I’m sure we will see this feature soon.

Because Azure DNS is a part of ARM, it can be fully automated using REST or PowerShell!

For example, let’s add a subdomain to

$rgn = "dnsresourcegroupname"
$subdomain = "subdomain"
$zonename = ""
$zone = Get-AzureDnsZone -name $zonename -ResourceGroupName $rgn
$recordset = New-AzureDnsRecordSet -Name $subdomain -RecordType CNAME -Zone $zone -Ttl 60
Add-AzureDnsRecordConfig -RecordSet $recordset -cname ""
Set-AzureDnsRecordSet -RecordSet $recordset

And if we want to remove the new subdomain.

Remove-AzureDnsRecordSet -Name $subdomain -RecordType CNAME -ZoneName $zonename -ResourceGroupName $rgn

Let’s get a list of all records in a zone.

Get-AzureDnsRecordSet -ZoneName $zonename -ResourceGroupName $rgn | ft -a

It is simple, easy and fast!

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