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Retention, OneDrive For Business & O365 groups

We all know that retention works on SharePoint, and since OneDrive For Business and Office 365 Groups file areas are all SharePoint underneath, retention works just fine there too. Only issue is.. where the hell do I find the retention folder that the policy creates? just to see that it is active in an easy way. The “site contents” container isn’t visible in O365 Groups and OD4B, how do I know it ‘works’ without creating e-Discovery searches?

I took a wild shot while trying to figure this out and just pasted /PreservationHoldLibrary/Forms/AllItems.aspx at the end of my OneDrive path and.. worked like a charm. example where it should be pasted in the URL, I removed parts for formatting reasons:

Granted, for this to function something must have triggered the creation of the PerservationHoldLibrary, that is done by deleting something permanently from the site that is protected by a Retention policy.

This also works exactly the same way on O365 Groups & can save your Groups OneDrive data, even if you permanently delete the site! For O365 groups this is of now the only way to save your data from accidental deletion of the group object itself


  1. sankara

    1. First preservation hold will occupy the storage quota of your one drive.
    2. it has view limit based on share point. if it is more than 5000 items we have to create view to see the entries in the preservation hold library
    3.another thing there is no direct method to remove the entries from preservation library even we after removed the hold

    any suggestion, please

  2. Paul M Gustafson

    I tried this, as global administrator, and suffixing my group url with the suggested yields “Sorry, you don’t have access.”


    • Johan Ollars, Red Belt | Office 365

      Are you the owner of the group you are trying to check the retention area of?
      since you don’t automatically have access to group-data just cause you have an admin account.
      Have not tried this with just being a member of the group yet, and I’ve since deleted my retention-test group.
      But what you are getting is a standard permission denied message from SharePoint, so I would start looking at that end


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