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Security workshop in Israel

Four days left to Christmas and Intune just got user risked based conditional access released in preview, that is cool, really looking forward to the new Intune admin experience. Intune is a part of EM+S and security is always a important topic. Me and Magnus Göransson went to a workshop, in Microsoft research and development center located in Israel about a month ago. I was just sitting down and reading the slides from the workshops for about the 4th time. Thinking about 2017, we are going to see a lot of awesome features in the EM+S license. If you are thinking about buying EM+S, please buy E5. If not, you are going to miss the best security features, and don’t forget about you will miss the best user experience.

During day one and two we spent a lot of time talking with the product teams, providing feedback on what they where working on right now. I do hope they appreciate our feedback and it was a great opportunity to listen to what types of problems other partners and customers are facing. During day three we “switched” into sessions and a general discussion after every session. Road maps where included and we took a look on some new features, unfortunately I am not able to share more details here. Hopefully you will be able to read about it in a technet blog shortly.

  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) – Deployment scenarios & best practices Gershon Levitz, Senior Program Manager
  • Azure Active Directory (AD) – Deployment scenarios & best practices Patrick Huff, Principal PM
  • Azure Information Protection (AIP) – Deployment scenarios & best practices Yossi Basha, Program Manager
  • Cloud App Security (CAS) – Discovery & policies creations Niv Goldenberg, Senior Program Manager
  • Azure Security Center (ASC) & OMS Security – Deployment scenarios & best practices Ty Balascio, Senior Program Manager

The Microsoft office is located right next to the beach in Haifa, with their private barista you can have a great coffee and chill out on the terrace for a minute or fifteen. I must say, I miss the sun!

Best regards
Viktor Gilbertsson


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