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Teams | I’ve been running Teams with my colleagues since the fall of 2016 when it came as Preview and there are lots of times when I really feel I save time and my everyday life becomes simpler.

Why Teams?

Everyone works in different way. However, the important thing is not how you work, but what results are achieved. If I can do more efficient work and save time, I get less stressed and can spend more time for something else.
What I like with Microsoft Teams is how it sort of puts itself like a shell over Groups, putting together a nice package that I customize and, above all, I can work in my own way without disturbing my colleagues who themselves choose to work even more or even less in teams than myself, but we still need to get the same things.
So why Teams? because a day is 24 hours long, no matter who you are and where you work. I want to get as much of my hours as possible and Teams will help me right away.

What do I think about Teams?

As I said, I’ve run teams more or less since the fall of 2016 when it first came as a preview.
Maybe I should add that I have never used Slack before, for which Teams are Microsoft’s challengers.
I like Teams a lot! I’m not using it for everything, but just like everything else I encountered in Office 365, it’s effective in it’s way where the puzzle piece fits in!
The chat feature complements Skype and email in a good way! For questions and information dissemination that is more general to the team and to keep structured threads, it’s a great!
I love the tab system! I’m hosting a Consumption Workshop and here I can gather feedback and present so much more than just a PowerPoint in a place where everyone comes in while it’s a natural place for feedback and improvement suggestions.

The GIF images may feel turbulent at first glance, but I can honestly say that it’s completely the contrary. Even though I’ve been called Structural Fascist more than once, it gives a slight energy kick when someone answers with a spot-on GIF image. That energy should not be underestimated!

Where can I find more information about Teams?

This is a terrific guide for getting started easily with Teams and to start testing. Microsoft has built it in several steps as a kind of web-based adviser. You click through a few pages and you will then get suggestions to proceed depending on your preconditions.

As an administrator of Teams, there is a lot to keep in mind. Settings to do and so on. I myself have the luxury of leaning back while my colleagues are carrying out these tasks. Of course, everyone else can also take advantage of this, but would you like to make the changes yourself (either graphically or in PowerShell), please check this link.

We also configure Teams as part of our Configuration Workshop as well.

I meet with many customers and see a lot of users! Everyone is drowning in mail, everyone is sorry. I have probably never heard anyone say “No, I get just enough emails and all of them is good!”. When did you last receive an email that featured something like “coffee at 3:00 pm?” and nothing more?
I use the Skype for Business and Teams chat feature several times a day.
I get answers faster, it’s faster to write and I keep the inbox of mine and other cleaner!
If you want to know more, of course, please contact us at Altitude and we will help you. Would you rather read? There are some training videos and descriptions from Microsoft collected on this site.

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