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Onedrive stuck on provisioning

Ran into this issue a few weeks ago and thought I would drop a short post about it since I’ve never seen it happen before.

Symptom was the provisioning getting stuck, it just showed the:
“sorry for the wait. Your OneDrive is almost ready”
Dialouge when pressing the onedrive icon in the Office365 portal. And it never recovered / got past it.

One other thing was that the first time you tried this with the user after getting your license you’d get an access denied message, if you refreshed,
you would be stuck on the previously mentioned ‘getting ready’ prompt.

What the issue was in this case is that the mysite site-collection had a quota on it, and the site was above it’s quota.
They had recently uploaded alot of profile pictures and it filled up the quota. So have this in mind if you do have quota activated for your site collections! easy thing to miss / not think about.

Happy onboarding!

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