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Skype for Business Online and the new Call Analytics that is now in Open Preview

A great new tool is now available for all to start using, the Call Analytics in Skype for Business Online!

From Thomas Binders post this Thursday

We are happy to share that we moved Call Analytics from “Public Preview” to “Open Preview”. This means, while the feature still has preview state, there is no need to sign up for the program – all you need is to go to and sign-in with your administrator account.

Signing in takes you to a start page where you can type in a users (sip) address and by doing that with my self, it takes me to this page.



Selecting one of those calls with Poor Audio Quality leads to a page with the details for that particular call



Digging in to what the problem was with my quality i can click on the portion to the left with the date of the call.

And identifying the problem is pretty simple, i got an average round trip time of 628 ms!!



So what was the actual reason for the quality issues of this call?

Well, I was in Thailand, building on my house connected over 3 or 4G. (But on my part I did not hear anything that sounded like a problem when listening in to the meeting)

I was also on my Android device with a Bose QC35 Bluetooth headset that we can see if we click on the device that is marked with yellow.




The next step you should do is to import site data so that you can start to see aggregated information for all your sites.

Read more on that here





So what else can we do with it?

Call Analytics allows you to look at quality indicators of individual calls. If you want to learn more about please refer to the following resources:

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