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Where are we now in Microsoft´s Vision?

Over the years Microsoft have published its vision in videos, and two years ago they released one of latest one.

Looking at the vision video now, and looking at the Build 2017 keynote I start to see that vision come to life and it’s kind of amazing.


This post will list some of the technology from the vision video that are now either real products or coming features in existing tech.

If you haven’t seen the video check it out first

00:03-00:25 We see a diver that have a heads-up display that automatically identify items Hololens, Azure Cognitive Services
00:25-00:34 Live Translation Skype Translator
00:52-01:03 Large screen device with touch Surface Studio
01:43-01:46 Pen and puck Surface Pen and Dial
01:46-02:10 User interface Looks kind of Sway, news, skype mixed together, so maybe future of Teams?
02:40-02:56 Large screen on window, and network & social based project member finder Surface Hub, LinkedIn
03:20-03:42 Wrist band, Co/Working Microsoft band that came and disappeared. Its however interesting that they emphasize the social parts, freelancing and use of co-working places.
03:42-04:16 Workplace, screen, user experience Surface Studio, but the UI looks kind of like Office 365 GigJam
04:30-04:35 Large screen skype call The best I can think of is Xbox and Skype that you already have in your living room. For the old man a Kinect camera could track movements and analyze his knee.
04:46-05:02 Large screen canvas workspace 84 inch Surface Hub
05:02-05:09 Skype and holograms Skype and Hololens or integration into the Surface hub canvas
05:10-05:16 Diagrams PowerBI
05:21-05:33 Holograms Hololens
05:45-05:49 Cameras with live identification Azure Cognitive Services

So, what was so big at Build and what’s the resemblance to the vision video. This new tech can analyze images from cameras to detect people and objects and then automatically take action.
We’ll have a look at this video to see it in action 

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