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GDPR – Time to act and how is Microsoft helping!

A local law with a global impact | GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming and that is fast. In end of May 2018, the new directives will be in motion. How will you prepare for this and are you aware of all the advantages that you already have in your Office 365 environment?

Microsoft High-Touch Partner

Since Altitude 365 is a member of Microsoft High-Touch Partner program, I attended the Pre-day at Microsoft Inspire to get some additional insights. Some of these insights regarded Microsoft Roadmap to be compliant for GDPR.

On a side note, I have up until now thought mostly of GDPR as a local challenge in Europe, but after today it’s clear to me that even if it’s a local law, it has a global impact and it’s so interesting that they are addressing it so much even here in the U.S.

Microsoft was very clear that they believe this will be next year’s game changer for security for all European companies and those who do business with European countries.

They are also very proud to be the first cloud provider in the world to announce their promise to be completely compliant before GDPR is in effect.

4 stages GDPR cloud journey

Microsoft categorizes the GDPR cloud journey in 4 stages, to clarify how each service, workload and product can support your compliance for GDPR.

Collection of data and what type of data should we focus on? What does the rulebook say? Do you for example happen to have a lot of files in storage that you don’t know what it might contain?

There are many ways in which Office 365 can help you comply with existing policies in your organization. It’s a matter of automating processes and control data.

Office 365 already have many possibilities through which you can protect your information. RMS is one example.

All this log data is useless unless you have the ability to visualize it. Microsoft is basically building the reports for you, so that you may spend your time analyzing the information instead of gathering it.

I would also like to point out a great site where Microsoft puts all their information regarding GDPR.

Of course, you are always welcome to contact us as well as we realize not everyone is as interested in white papers as we might be.

/Christoffer Backman

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