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Golden graines from Inspire 1 of 2

Golden grains from Inspire 2017 | Inspire is over for this year and in this blog post I will summarize my best experiences and the kind of golden grains I want to share! This is blog post number 1 of 2.

Digital transformation

One thing that struck me during Inspire 2017 is that we are still talking a lot about digital transformation. We have been doing it for several years and we see examples of some who have come a long way, but the majority have a very long way left to wander.
This is a bit strange in itself. In a world where everything is going to be so fast, we talk about the same thing for several years and seemingly do not come anywhere. Are we using the wrong methods? Why do not we get further? Can you ever be done?


This long into the Keynote from Day 2 (Tuesday), you can jump in to see examples of real-life success stories that Microsoft, their partners and their customers have accomplished.
There are 4 stories, one per area that Microsoft sees that we need to take to succeed in the digital transformation.

Where do you find the keynote? You can access the link here:


Microsoft has divided 6 different industries.

• Financial Services
• Health
• Education
• Government
• Manufacturing
• Retail

This is of course more important for us partners to know than ours and Microsoft’s customers, but this year’s strategy still follows a red thread, and that makes the division of industries important for everyone to understand.
The aim is that Microsoft, together with us partners, will be able to provide our common customers with the right services, the right prerequisite. Microsoft repeated the message itself quite often:


“The right resource, to the right customer at the right time”

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

There is a lot of talk about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Inspire 2017. Something that I think is very interesting, and I hope all our Swedish companies can really understand the importance of, is making their GDPR trip wholeheartedly (and start now if you have not already done it!) after Microsoft chooses to dedicate time to GDPR and its global impact not only in exhibitions in the fair hall and sessions that you can register for, but in the third keynote for all 17,000 participants on Inspire!

My colleague Christoffer wrote a blog post from Inspire about just GDPR earlier this week. You can find it here.

As a partner, there are lots of good tools within GDPR that we can help our customers! Get in touch and we’ll tell you more about them and how they can bring value to you!

On this page there are plenty of great tools with which we want to help our customers to become compliant about GDPR.

I like statistics and so of course I quickly wrote down what was mentioned in the beginning of keynote 3.


“90% of all infringements start with email”

Microsoft has a service called ATP, Advanced Threat Protection. We’ve set up this for countless customers and it’s really a very good service!
Microsoft explained how about 400 billion mail is scanned per month to prevent users from getting viruses and others in their mail.

Please get in contact with me if you have any questions or get in touch with our sales department!

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