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Golden grains from Inspire 2 of 2

Golden grains from Inspire 2017 | Inspire is over for this year and in this blog post, my best experiences and the kind of gold I want to share most of me sum up! This is blog post number 2 of 2.


MS Project Online

Overview of all your projects

The Project web app gives you a natural insight into your ongoing projects, you can easily start new ones (not just by starting to enter tasks, but by defining the plan correctly from the start through customized forms) and much more!
There is also an out of the box PowerBI report to enable. When you start using the Project Web app, just activate the report and voila! You have all your data visualized!

Apps on the phone

Do you have an Iphone? Then you can download Time reporter (for Android it will be available later). In the app you get, as a project resource, a very clear and good overview of your tasks. You can directly mark the task as complete from the app to sync it to the main plan.
Is there anyone more than me who sees the project check in meetings shortened by two thirds?

To IOS, there is also an app for portfolio managers to get an overview of all ongoing projects.


Do you want to know when to use Planner instead? The short answer is for smaller assignments or your daily tasks. For a longer answer, we will be pleased to inform you if you contact our sales department for a meeting!


I had the opportunity to test Hololens and it was truly an experience! Opportunities feels endless!
In this example, a demonstration was made by one of Microsoft’s partners based on their real offer. They sell this as a service to their customers today!
You have built a virtual room virtual and with Hololens customers can look at the rooms including their equipment before ordering, they can refurbish, training can be done without interfering with production (and scalable, you need an extra hololens per participant, not an additional operating room per group).
What I liked most was that one could easily set the actual size and walk around inside the virtual room!
Incredible opportunities for anyone involved in any kind of construction. Imagine decorating your virtual house before ordering it and walk around inside a virtual version of it to really see how it will look.

This image is just a bonus from a happy, hololens-tested blog poster.


I encountered an incredibly good plugin for PowerPoint and Word under Inspire, which I recommend that you instantly install from Microsoft Appsource!

Pickit opens a library of images that you have rights to use however you wish in your presentations. No more searching the web, no more wondering about whether you really can use the image legally or not.
For the blog post, I created this PowerPoint as an example with the Pickit and Design Assistant built in PowerPoint. It all took less than 1 minute.

“Stop there!
We have company-adapted images to be used for this. Nothing else!”
Excellent! Picklit has a business version also where you directly provide all your corporate images that you want your employees to have access to within Office.

Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

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