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Default template in Microsoft Office.

Default template | Many organizations have standard templates for how documents are produced. So how can we facilitate and make sure we have a default theme chosen from the start? It is actually very simple.

Automatic installation with Intune

In our profiles there is a special folder that contains some interesting files.


In this folder we want to create two different files. A blank.potx for PowerPoint and normal.dotm for Word. Start by creating these files if they are not available. And then edit them so it matches your default templates.

I usually work with Intune and to move files on clients, we need to use an MSI-package. This can be easily created with advanced installer. If you create a simple project, no license is required.

“Application Data” represents “C:\Users\<username>\ AppData\Roaming” on the computer where this is installed. We choose to create two folders to match the correct path. Microsoft and Templates, then we will load our two modified templates here.

Go to Install Parameters and change the settings to suit your needs. Here’s what I usually use.

Then click on build and the program will create an MSI for you.

Then just deploy this MSI as a LOB app via Intune. Wait a few minutes and perform a sync on your test client and you will get your default templates installed.

 If you ever need to update your template or force a new installation, just replace your MSI file with a higher version number and Intune will take care of the update.

Good luck!

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  1. Sascha

    Hey Victor

    Wich tool do you use to generate the msi?


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