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Cloud ransomware – and how to avoid it

Cloud ransomware – and how to avoid it | A recent video on YouTube show and example of how an attacker can encrypt you emails in Office 365. Lets take a look at this and how this can be avoided.

In short what this video suggest is that if you allow third party apps to your Office 365 tenant users might allow access to applications by mistake.

Well, lets say that there are several solutions to this “problem”.

Lets start with checking if users have given permissions to any applications. In Cloud App Security you can check what applications have been given permissions. The picture below shows what applications Altitude 365 have given permissions to.

From here you can also see what user have given permissions to a certain app.Just click users and you will be presented with all users who added permissions to an app.

But if you want to limit the possibility to add apps there are at least two ways to accomplish this. If you like to completely shut down third party apps you can do this in the Office 365 Admin portal. Go to Settings – Services & Add-ins and click Integrated Apps. Here you can turn the Integrated Apps all off.


If you rather have some users who could give permissions for apps you can accomplish this by changing Role Management permissions.

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