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Three New Consumption Workshops

Altitude 365 Workshops | As part of our effort to make “employees to productive heroes,” we have developed a variety of Workshops, all aimed at inspiring and efficiently supporting your digitalization journey.

A clear path towards the digital company

Our workshops are divided into three categories; The Modern Workplace, The Modern Data Center, and Compliance with regulations and protection against modern threats. Within each category there are Workshops within the phases; Value, Planning, Configuration, Consumption, which together create a clear path towards the digital company.

Make your employees productive heroes!

We have now released three new Consumption-based Workshops in the Modern Data Center that inspire your employees in an effective way to become “productive heroes” while at the same time as a companie, you will benifit even more from your cloud investment.


See our entire Workshop offer here and if you can not find what you’re looking for, you can always contact us for a customized experience!

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