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Proud sponsor of Sadik Sadiks World Championship journey

The pursuit of perfection | Altitude 365 will never be the company that symbolizes moderation! We are the company that associates us with people who aim their lives to constantly refine and share their knowledge with the goal of achieving perfection, just like our proud WM hop Sadik Sadik.

It’s time for a “Real” Black Belt at Altitude 365

Sadik Sadik is an extremely acclaimed fighter with merit such as; World Cup Medalist, 24 times Swedish Champion, 3 times Bulgarian Champion, Nordic Champion, World Cup Medalist, Golden League Medalist, Finnish Open – Gold & Silver (Appointed to Best Fighter), Estonian Open – Gold & Silver, Swedish Open – Gold and Except These merits have Sadik won all that can win on Swedish soil.

This year’s World Championships run November 6-11 in Madrid and this year’s competitions are run in Premier Leuge and Serie A according to the schedule below:

– I have dedicated my life to constantly refine and share my knowledge with the goal of achieving perfection. It is therefore extra fun to cooperate with a company like Altitude 365 where we share the vision in many ways, even though we practice it in completely different branches.
Sadik Sadik

5 Dan, Black Belt


  1. Sadik Sadik

    Paris was the first tournament for the season and after a heavy build-up period since October. I believed that the body was in good shape and on its way in the right direction.

    I met World-ranked 5th in the weight class in the first match where I had the lead the whole match until they last 10 seconds when he hit me with a kick.

    Despite the loss the body felt well, and it was nice to know that I are on top and match the best already the first round of the season.

    The more matches and further into the period of explosiveness in the training the better I will be :)!


  2. Sadik Sadik

    During karate 1 Premier Leauge in Dubai, I managed to get a 9th place that took me to a 62nd place on the world rankings.

    I won my first match against Croatia, losing a even match in the beginning against Egypt. When the Egyptian reached the final, I got back and tried to fight for 3 prizes. Unfortunately, they lost to Azerbaijan.

    New efforts for Karate 1 premier leauge Holland this weekend!

    The body feels good and well prepared.

    / Sadik


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