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UPN Normalizer

Normalized User Principal Name | As the world grows smaller and smaller, we need to do identity management smarter and faster. This post will help you to give Štěpán Horáčk a proper UPN / email address using PowerShell.

The script

The powershell module can be downloaded from our public github repository. normalizer

The module uses C# code to access the .NET Normalize sting method.

Using the module

First we import the module by running the import command.
Import-Module .\A365UsernameNormalizer.psm1

If you plan to use this module in Azure just put the files into a folder called “A365UsernameNormalizer” and compress it to a ZIP file. The module is then ready to be imported into Azure Automation.

After the module is imported we can use the custom “new-a365NormalizedUsername” function.
new-a365NormalizedUsername -FistName “Štěpán” -LastName “Horáčk” -Domain “”
new-a365NormalizedUsername -FistName “Ola Göran” -LastName “Ävådalöson” -Domain “”

This will give us the following results:

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