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Two SM Gold to Sadik Sadik and Team Altitude

Karate SM 2018 | This weekend, March 23-24, Karate SM 2018 took place. This year’s SM was hosted for the first time in Solna and there were close to 300 participants from 69 clubs participating.

Two SM Gold to Sadik Sadik and TEAM Altitude

Altitude 365 will never be the company that symbolizes moderation! We are the company that associates us with people who devote their lives to constantly refining and sharing their skills with the goal of achieving perfection, just like our TEAM Altitude member Sadik Sadik.

It is therefore great to congratulate Sadik to the weekend’s two SM gold, where he won both Kumite -84kg and team Kumite, which is another proof that the pursuit of perfection pays off at all levels.

– The result was Gold in the weight class after 4 matches. The body felt nice and easy and it’s just the feeling I want, where I’m easy, fast and focused on everything around me. Now it’s important to keep that feeling and continue the training as usual for future competitions.

In addition to gold in the -84kg class there was also Gold in Team 🙂

Sadik Sadik

TEAM Altitude, 5 Dan, Black Belt

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