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Altitude 365 Marketplace for Microsoft Cloud

Why Altitude 365 Marketplace? | Organizations move from buying and managing products to consuming services. When this happens, knowledge about configure the services, their content and relationship, as well as a tool for managing and consuming the services over time is a must.

A marketplace where excellent skills combined with simplicity and availability is available to manage and administrate Microsoft Cloud Services. Take a closer look at our Marketplace:

Achieve desired effects

Altitude 365 offers Microsoft Cloud excellence in combination with a marketplace where customers easily can consume their Microsoft Cloud services in a very simple and controlled way. We want to help organizations wherever they are on their journey to Microsoft Cloud.

Whether you are in Microsoft Cloud and need a tool to manage their services or if the customer is to start their journey to Microsoft Cloud and need advice. Everything that an organization needs to achieve its desired effects with Microsoft Cloud services is offered in our marketplace.

What is Altitude 365 Marketplace?

Our goal has been to create a totally automated Cloud Marketplace which simplifies customer experience. Below some of our features are listed:


  • Measure actual usage per individual
  • Distribution of services and associated costs per department, grouping, cost center, subsidiary
  • Onboarding (video for the user)
  • Remove services
  • Add services
  • Automatic provisioning
  • Automatic measurement of Azure consumption
  • Calculator for calculating cost new Azure set
  • Automatic calculation and forecast for consumption of Azure

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