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Deploy Windows 10 like a Pro with Windows Autopilot

Simplified deployment of Windows 10 | A couple of weeks ago, me and my colleagues here at Altitude 365 made a webcast about Microsoft Cloud Security. We talked about some of the most important security features in the Microsoft cloud and I rounded up the day with a session about how to deploy Windows 10, the modern desktop platform for many of those security features.

If you would like to learn more about Windows Autopilot, please take a look at my session (in Swedish).

To sum it up, Windows Autopilot is a new and more modern way to deploy Windows. The device can be delivered from the OEM straight to the end user without passing through IT. The OEM registers the device with the customers tenant at the time of order and when it boots up for the first time it will contact the Windows Autopilot service and receive it’s configuration according to the organisations policies. The service is tightly integrated with Azure AD and Intune.

Problems we want to solve

  • Traditional client deployment contins too many steps
  • OEM > Distributor > IT department > End-User
  • IT is forced to work with complex image management, drivers, task sequences, etc
  • Many involved creates friction
  • Costly process

Modern Deployment with Windows Autopilot

  • Think new! No image files, no middelemen, less lockdown, less trouble!
  • The customer orders a new device from the OEM
  • The OEM installs a clean Windows 10 image
  • The OEM registers the device with the customer tenant
  • The OEM send the device straight to the end-user
  • The end-user opens the box and connects the device to the network
  • The user logs on with the Office 365 account
  • The device is joined to Azure AD, Intune and automatically receives all apps and settings
  • The end-user is ready for work

Supported scenarios

  • User initiated installation of a new device (straight from the OEM)
  • User initiated re-installation of an existing device
  • IT initiated re-installation of an existing device
  • Automatic installation av a shared device (kiosk)
  • Upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 (together with SCCM)
  • Support for hybrid Azure AD Join is coming soon


Windows Autopilot is the future for Windows deployment and more features will be added to the service in the comming years. You can already start use Windows Autopilot and if you would like to learn how it works we can do a workshop together with you and help you configure the service.

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