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Unusual MFA Error – The missing quick steps

When MFA admin center goes weird |
Note that this is an active Microsoft support case and i will edit this to update and show the progress
since there is no information on this online from what i could search, lets make a change of that

The Issue

I got a support case from a customer who couldn’t activate MFA for a certain user from the GUI. I take a look at it and get struck by this:

These are 2 different accounts, the top one is the person with the problem. We don’t have any MFA controls for the user with the issue. Quick steps doesn’t even show up as an option in the GUI.
One of the weird things is the visual difference is that the account with the issue has a greyed out check-box instead of the ‘regular’ one, it still does get a checkbox when clicked though.
I have merged 2 pictures and just cut out selections of the picture with the magic of MS Paint.

The ‘solution’

Since this is an ongoing issue at this moment, this part will be dedicated to the solution to the issue and I might add the root cause as well if we do find out what this came from and what you perhaps could do to avoid this, a work in progress.
I have a hunch that it might have to do with O365 thinking it is an account of the wrong type since it has some property values, that i will post here if it has something to do with it, that only seem to be present when you are an external guest azure account.

Hopefully we can make sure you are not alone when facing an issue of this kind and can get some kind of relevant search answers.
Will update this post as the case progresses, until next time.


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