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Recurring tasks using a Button in Flow

During the fall of 2019, I attended TechDays Sweden as a Speaker alongside my colleague (and one of the founders of Altitude 365) Magnus Göransson. We had 2 sessions. One was a pre-day in the PowerPlatform and the other was a 1 hour session on every day digitalization using the PowerPlatform. In both, I showcased how you can make a simple recurring task creator using Planner, a SharePoint list and a flow in Power Automate. Figured I might as well publish it as a blog post as well to make sure everyone has a chance to copy with pride.
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Streaming Datasets in Power BI with Twitter

Ah, yes. The mighty Power Platform in which your imagination is usually the biggest obstacle. Today my creativity stretches from Twitter to Power Automate and into Power BI. The best part of this blogpost is that you can do this yourself and it’ll take less than 15 minutes. Promise! (Might need Power BI Pro, but who could live without that anyway?).
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Recurring tasks using a Button in Flow

During the fall of 2019, I attended TechDays Sweden as a Speaker alongside my colleague (and one of the founders of Altitude 365) Magnus Göransson. We had 2 sessions. One was a pre-day in the PowerPlatform and the other was a 1 hour session on every day digitalization using the PowerPlatform. In both, I showcased how you can make a simple recurring task creator using Planner, a SharePoint list and a flow in Power Automate. Figured I might as well publish it as a blog post as well to make sure everyone has a chance to copy with pride.

Streaming Datasets in Power BI with Twitter

Ah, yes. The mighty Power Platform in which your imagination is usually the biggest obstacle. Today my creativity stretches from Twitter to Power Automate and into Power BI. The best part of this blogpost is that you can do this yourself and it’ll take less than 15 minutes. Promise! (Might need Power BI Pro, but who could live without that anyway?).
windows 10 och windows autopilot för säkerhet

Stay relevant in your Champions Team

In an ever changing, evergreen, cloud environment you should really consider a Champions program to be successful. One simple way of getting everyone together is to create a Team in Microsoft Teams for your Champs to collaborate, share ideas and so on. Here’s some things to consider for that Champions team of yours!

Skype to Teams – Some thoughts

The number of organizations out there that are not showing interest in moving from Skype to Teams are becoming something of an endangered species. Some would say that only the dead fish follow the stream and I’ve never truly understood that saying. In this blog post I’ll explain both that as well as things to consider in your journey from Skype to Teams.

Microsoft Shifts from end user perspective

Let’s now take another bite out of Shifts, but this time from the end user side of things. It’s after all the firstline workers that will make up the majority of users. So, it’s important to understand and view it from their perspective as well.

Getting started in Microsoft Shifts

Want to get started in Microsoft Shifts? Are you interested in a solution that helps your shift scheduling for firstline workers? Or maybe you’re here because StaffHub is getting retired? Nonetheless let’s take a closer look at how to get started in Microsoft Shifts and get your shift planning in order.

Some things to consider regarding Adoption

Times are changing. Times has changed already actually. In our new era of the evergreen cloud, onboarding and adoption seems to be on everyone’s minds. I figured I might as well share some of my ideas around the area in a blog post instead of just talk about it in workshops or meetings.

Crimes data maps with Power BI

Crimes data visualized | I recently got an assignment for a customer to build a Power BI report that will visualize geographical data for politicians in order for them to make more informed decisions. This inspired me the same way it obviously would have for any other sane person (right?) to spend a few hours building a report based on sample data and make a blog post about it.

Create a Champions Team in Microsoft Teams. In 10 minutes!

Build your Champions team. In Teams. Allright so many organizations are creating their Champions teams of early adopters to help them in their quest to adopt the services and ways of working with Microsoft 365. Refer to this blog post as guidelines or to give you inspiration on how you can improve the environment for your Champions within Microsoft Teams! It will only take you 10 minutes from start to finish!

Stay productive, enhance To-Do using Power BI

Keep track of your tasks | That sentence usually means to keep track of your actual tasks in lists and such. What I mean this time is how you keep up with an acceptable amount of tasks to make sure you keep improving and accomplishing over time.

Teams meetings made easy

I’ve spent about 200 hours in Teems meetings when this blog post is written. Based on that experience I’ve conducted this blog post as a sort of quick step guide on the things to consider for the perfect meeting. Unless you want to spend 10 minutes reading it, you could always just spend 200 hours in meetings of course!

Changing your name in a Microsoft Cloud enviroment

Almost all organizations occasionally end up in the situation where an employee changes their name. This time it was my own turn as I got married and changed my surname! Getting married was awesome but this blog entry will describe my experience of the name change in a Microsoft cloud environment.

Power BI Insights reports

Data-driven insights | Microsoft cloud services provide us with lots of new opportunities and information, but for it to be valuable, it needs to be refined and interpreted..
windows 10 och windows autopilot för säkerhet

Deploy Windows 10 like a Pro with Windows Autopilot

To sum it up, Windows Autopilot is a new and more modern way to deploy Windows. The device can be delivered from the OEM straight to the end user without passing through IT. The OEM registers the device with the customers tenant at the time of order and when it boots up for the first time it will contact the Windows Autopilot service and receive it's configuration according to the organisations policies. The service is tightly integrated with Azure AD and Intune.

News from Ignite 2018!!

With Ignite 2018 kicking of there is of course lots of news coming and actually its so much so that it is pretty hard to keep track of! | Well this post summarize most of the news from the book of news that Microsoft released.

Retrieve and analyze Office 365 Usage Data with PowerShell and Microsoft Graph API

Why usage data is important | The move to Office 365 is not just about moving a bunch of data to someone else’s datacenter. It is a more modern way of working which provides fantastic opportunities around collaboration both internally and externally, spreading information with audio and video, smart tools built upon machine learning and AI, intelligent security solutions that talks to each other and a lot more. To buy an Office 365 license for a user means that he will get access to much more than just email and intranet. To drive adoption and to make sure that the users learn to get the most out of the new opportunities, you have to measure how the different services are used and how much. This is where usage data comes in.

VSTS Build Agent + nodejs – Part 2

In my previous blog post, we examined how we can configure our virtual machine to be a VSTS building agent with support for node.js. We will now continue to look at how we can automate the deployment to Azure using Infrastructure as code (IaC).

Do you want to become one of us?

During the first half of the year we have had enormous success and when we close the books we see that growth is + 40%. Of course, this is incredibly fun, as it is also proof that our "story" is true and that our employees are somewhat extraordinary.
Altitude 365 marknadsplats

Altitude 365 Marketplace for Microsoft Cloud

Organizations move from buying and managing products to consuming services. When this happens, knowledge about configure the services, their content and relationship, as well as a tool for managing and consuming the services over time is a must.

UPN Normalizer

As the world grows smaller and smaller, we need to do identity management smarter and faster. This post will help you to give Štěpán Horáčk a proper UPN / email address using PowerShell.

Productive meetings

We get a plethora of products in Office 365! Some seem to make the same things as well. How to know when to use what? I did not intend to immerse in just all of the products here, but I will list a number that can make your meetings easier!

Sweden, we have a result!

During the days at TechDays we got a lot of questions if we built something "cool" in Azure that would handle the draw itself? Although we initially intended to run a more old-fashioned method of nameplates with correct answers in a bowl, we felt that this was a challenge we could not leave unmarried.

Be extra thirsty at TechDays tomorrow!

This year, it’s no problem to come extra thirsty for TechDays, because we at Altitude 365 have bought 4,000 bottles of water that will be distributed at the fair. Also note that the bottles are the key to our TechDays lottery that has many great prizes in the pot, so do not miss to register.

Ignite 2017 i Orlando, USA

Under en vecka i Orlando, USA så har Altitude 365 varit representerade. Vi har deltagit i otaliga sessioner och träffat branch människor, diskuterat och lärt oss massor. Klicka på bilden nedan så kan ni i denna sway ta del av lite av de godbitar som presen...

Take control of your mail domains

What is SPF, DKIM and DMARC? These three components are used in combination to prevent someone outside your domain from sending emails as if they were sent from inside your organization, aka Spoofing.

Villes productivity tip Divide text in Excel columns

Villes Productivity Tips – divide text in Excel | There are lots of occasions when it may be good to separate text in lists. In the example below, a poor fellow has encountered a malicious virus that renamed all the users files and added a new file extension, which means that the files are unreadable unless they are renamed. (This is a real scenario encountered by one of my customers).

Onedrive stuck on provisioning

Ran into this issue a few weeks ago and thought I would drop a short post about it since I’ve never seen it happen before. Symptom was the provisioning getting stuck, it just showed the: “sorry for the wait. Your OneDrive is almost ready”...

Get started with Microsoft Teams!

Everyone works in different way. However, the important thing is not how you work, but what results are achieved. If I can do more efficient work and save time, I get less stressed and can spend more time for something else. What I like with Microsoft Teams is how it sort of puts itself like a shell over Groups, putting together a nice package that I customize and, above all, I can...

Free up more time!

Tired of creating instructions? I work a lot with onboarding of Office 365. Many people think it's boring with all these guides that have to be produced, but one thing that might not be well known is that there are loads of...

Business Representative – Public

We are now looking for a salesperson with full focus on Public, to help Sweden become world leader in digitalization! We handle applications on a regular basis and the position may be fulfilled before the deadline date. Deadline for application is 16 June.

Eureka! OnedriveForBusiness in EDU tennants

IT WORKS! finally! We can now start deploying OD4B in EDU tenants with IT handling provisioning here is the steps needed to perform this as of today, hoping it won’t break down on us again. Firstly connect to Sharepoint online: Information from https...

How to solve poor man’s crypto ransomware

The ransom-ware out the have been around for a while and people have finally seen the benefits of cloud storage. But files are still synced to a local folder on the computer and are therefore still vulnerable. Microsoft helps customer to restore batches of...

TechX 13-17 februari 2017

Snart går TechX 2017 av stapeln och Altitude 365 kommer ha flera talare på plats och just nu ser det ut som vi kommer köra runt sex stycken olika sessioner. Vi kommer ha sessioner om alla de områden där vi fokuserar dvs Azure, EMS till Office 365 och ni ka...

Ignite 2016 in Atlanta

A report on news, roadmaps and other stuff from the Ignite conference in Atlanta. Ignite is the Microsoft Conference that gathers IT people from all over the world. It got tons of sessions, all from news to deep technical howtos. This time we were 23 000 a...

Securing Azure SQL Firewall

You may have an Azure SQL misconfigured allowing any address to connect, this is a bad idea and needs to be fixed. The problem comes when you need to limit your firewall and don’t know what addresses normally connects to your database. If you miss an...

Retention, OneDrive For Business & O365 groups

We all know that retention works on SharePoint, and since OneDrive For Business and Office 365 Groups file areas are all SharePoint underneath, retention works just fine there too. Only issue is.. where the hell do I find the retention folder that the poli...

OneDriveForBusiness in Education tenants

Because I found pretty much nothing on this issue, I decided to write a post about it because it can put a big halt in IT driven onboarding. We all know there is a way to provision OneDrive for the user, there are KB articles on how you do it and a lot of...

Azure MySQL In App (preview) + WordPress

Microsoft recently announced a new feature in Azure Web App service called MySQL In App, as you can tell by the name this is an PaaS version of MySQL and it’s not ClearDB. The service is now in public preview and I like to show you how easy it is to...

Azure resource provider not registered

The scenario I have a new empty subscription, in it I create a new empty resource group and I add a user as owner to that resource group. The permission definition of “owner” is {*}, full access to everything. I also added the user as “Reader” on subscript...

17 Powershell tips

We are constantly learning new things and I like to share a couple of things that I’ve learned that i think all sysadmins need to know. So I have created a list of my first 17 Powershell tips and tricks. #1 If you are scripting against an external da...

Azure RM Locks

Your Azure datacenter is growing and more and more administrators is getting access to your resources. RBAC have been around for a while in ARM (Azure resource manager) but perhaps you need an extra level of security especially from human error. On the 6th...

CADYC (Can Azure Drive Your Car) Part 2

Hi!! If you haven’t read Part 1 do it. It’s been a while but not without results. Let’s recap, I left you with a drunk driving ML and some new tasks to solve. Minimize latency problem / remove the drunk driver Make the ML predict Accelera...

Azure AD Connect, DB full after 1.1.105+

Starting with version of Azure AD Connect we have the great improvement of having a 30minute sync schedule as default in via the new scheduler. If you’ve been running on SQL express, you might have run in to a problem where the sync engine won’t...

CADYC (Can Azure Drive Your Car) Part1

Can Azure Drive Your Car – I got the idea after making my GA code in PowerShell and then saw George Hotz self driving car ( ). I thought, I might be able to make mine own self driving car using Azure Machine Lear...

When Azure backup is not working

Backup is really important, perhaps one of the most important task we have to work with. Since I’m a Ninja Azure it is obvious that I use Azure Backup to handle my backups. I have previously encountered a couple of problems that I intend to share wit...

iOS and the magic of Intune – Episode 1

Microsoft Intune is Microsofts cloud based MDM system, I’m sure you all are aware of that. But do you now what it can do for an iOS device? Well I will try to let you now what’s matter with Intune and iOS today. I want to add a bold on TODAY, what Microsof...

Incoming e-mail hits the trashcan!!

Today I got a call from an IT admin whos environmet we onboarded two weeks ago. One shared mailbox had the issue that when an incoming e-mail arrived it instantly was moved to trash. No rules on the mailbox and no transport rules. Weird but I discovered th...

The winter is coming

Well in the north it’s already here…   But some more warm and fuzzy feeling is coming.. Office 365 with 2016 apps. Just a reminder that during February the new version will be starting automatically to rollout on click-to run installations...

Send to Sway directly from OneNote

The “Send to Sway” Add-in lets you easily create a new Sway from the images and text of the selected OneNote page. This turns the thoughts you’ve organized in OneNote into an interactive, visually compelling digital story in one click Download here...

A few words on conditional access….

I had a discussion with a customer the other day (again) and realized that there are some misunderstanding about conditional access. Setting conditional access is not a tick box and it will not give You total control!! There are some things about the condi...

Update: Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook

The Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook (CalCheck) is a program that checks the Microsoft Outlook Calendar and items for problems or for potential problems. And it just got updated!   Download here   How do you use it? The following examples descr...

New version of Office 2016 Deployment Tool released

The Office 2016 Deployment Tool allows the administrator to customize and manage Office 2016 Click-to-Run deployments. This tool will help adminstrators to manage installations sources, product/language combinations, and deployment configuration options fo...

VMware to Azure ASR config shortcut

This is not a step by step guide, but rather a collection of the problems I encountered when configuring a vSphere 6.0 environment to use Azure Site Recovery as a second DR site. This is the main topics Cspsconfigtool accounts Storage Account Documentation...

ImportExcel Powershell

If you have Windows 10 or Windows Management Framework 5.0 (WMF5), you have PowerShellGet. To install the module run the following command, in a elevated powershell....

Try Azure Operational Insights for free

We are moving to an era with fewer people managing more servers. With Azure Operational Insights we are able to collect and search data from multiple servers for analysis. When the data is collected by an agent, we can either use intelligence pack provided...

Azure Automation DSC Onboarding Classic VM

This blog describes how to onboard multiple VM’s to Azure Automation. From an administration computer: First login to both ASM and ARM Here is the function that installs the Azure Automation DSC extension on the VM. The script originated from this si...


If everything works fine with AD sync running the AD Connect Tool and suddenly it stops working and nothing seems to be wrong. It could be to many deletes in the local AD. A feature of the AZure AD Connect Tool is the deletion threshold. This feature is de...

Save your $vars

I know that you have used export-csv one too many times and each time it’s a pain in the ass. For example, you make a huge dump of data to a csv and two weeks later you import the file to restore your dump. This simple task step may take unnecessaril...

Admin access to users OneDrive for Business

The users OneDrives are only access by the users itself and the ones who the users have given access to. Of course there are some time when IT or some other user need to get full control of a OneDrive. One scenario could be that the user needs document tha...

Delegated administrators in Office 365

I think that Office 365 and Azure is a great tool for consolidation separate environments. When a company had dispersed IT environment in different countries or when a company acquires another one. What we need to think thoroughly through here is the admin...

Mac OS X management

A couple days ago Microsoft started to rollout support for Mac OS X in Intune. These features will show up under the coming weeks in Your tenant. It’s easy as with Windows to get started for the user, just logon to the portal and enroll. The support...


Are you running your azure commands on the right subscription? I have made a PowerShell function that helps you add or change subscriptions simple and easy. This saves you time if you jump between multiple subscriptions, it also let you see what your curre...

Azure SQL tips & tricks #1 – Row-Level Security

I want to tell you about something I came across a while ago then I was testing Azure SQL. I’m talking about Row-Level Security or RLS. RLS was GA on 19 Aug 2015 for Azure SQL v12 and is a security feature for filtering SQL data on row level… As you...

Office 365 PowerShell Admin

We all like the user interfaces and are using that daily but we all know that running some tasks in PowerShell is inevitably. We need to administrate all the Office 365 services with PowerShell. It can get frustrating to start modules, snappins or whatever...

Update the certificates on your AD FS servers

When using federation and SSO with Office 365 there will be AD FS servers involved. You may at some point get e-mail or in the portal see something like this: This is normal behavior and should actually be solved by itself. If you are using AD FS 2.0 or la...

AD Application Proxy Connector Groups

You may have heard of Azure AD Application proxy and perhaps you are already using it in your environment. A couple of days ago a new feature was released in azure called “Connector Groups”. If you are using the proxy connectors today, this wil...

Office 365 ProPlus Excel preview fails

So the Office 365 ProPlus Click to run has been upgraded to match the Office 2016 version. But unfortunately it has come with a small bug when accessing the preview for Excel. I’m sure this will be updated soon and when running click to run enabled updates...

Where is my TargetAddress attribute?

Hello, For those of you that have been on email migration assignments, especially from Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise, you probably know that the TargetAddress attribute is your best friend for basic coexistence. What does that mean? Well, the most basic...

Powershell object array merge on steroids

Okey, you need to merge two object arrays in Poweshell. In this example we are going to match the name of your PC’s running processes and the names of all the services available on your machine. In this example I use “-like”, witch is not...

The default language is important!!!

One of the most common error people do when configuring Office 365 is doing so with the wrong default language! And trust me this is so common that we are doing language migrations almost weekly. It might sound like that’s just something that you cha...

Ignite Road Trip Video Pod Series #3

The road trip team has arrived in Memphis, Tennesse and are planing on doing a little longer stay than planned. The Memphis Grizzlies are playnig in the NBA Play-offs tonight and we dont want to miss that!!   This time the pod is about how You should...

Ignite Road Trip Video Pod Series #2

Today the roadtrip has left New Orleans, Louisiana and arrived at Vicksburg, Mississippi. We started our jorney in thunderstorms and under tornado warnings. The trip went well after all and we had agood time as ususal. During the distance for the day we al...

#IgniteRoadTrip kicks off!

So it begins… A long planning for the roadtrip has come to its end, now it’s time for action! We are starting our journey in New Orleans, Louisiana and heading for Chicago and the MS Ignite Conference. As we all in Altitude 365 love technical stuff a...

Online Proctured Exam – My first experience

UPDATE on 2014-12-30 Today had my second exam and I got the same problem. The only difference was that the Chat window connected, but still no photo for ID or head shot. Got another incident number for Pearsson Vue help line. This time the greeter asked be...

Calendar permissions

A question that always comes around is the central assigned permissions for mailboxes For example a receptionist application is using a service account that needs read access to everyones calendar to show what’s up with the users today. Some of the applica...

PowerShell quick tip #1

Hello IT-Pros Let’s say you have an array that contains data.   The values are not unique. What is the simplest way to only keep the unique values? Simply try “unique”! Very simple and very useful By Magnus Göransson...

Choosing the right technology for the task

In today’s time it might feel like there is more than just one tool for the task. In Office 365 there is Yammer, Groups, Lync, Skype, Shared Mailboxes, Site Mailboxes etc, etc… This post will try to explain what solution you should use and match it t...

Altitude 365 speaks at TechDays 2014

We are proud to say that we will have Magnus Björk, Office 365 MVP, on stage during the biggest IT related event in Sweden, TechDays! Magnus will talk about Office 365 and how to get there. Be there on Thursday November 20 to see and hear how your organiza...

Exchange 2013 Hybrid Licensing

A Exchange hybrid server is not a special role nor a special installation of Exchange 2013. A hybrid server is a regular Exchange 2013 with CAS and Mailbox role. The purpose of the hybrid server is to have rich co-existence between the internal Exchange en...

Notes to Exchange migration pitfalls

…and how to avoid them Hello IT-pros! I have been migrating mailboxes from Lotus Notes to Exchange and Exchange Online for almost ten years now and in this post I will share some of my notes from the field. In this first post I will share a couple of thing...

Unlimited storage in OneDrive

On the OneDrive blog it is announced that it will offer unlimited storage to the OneDrive for Business customers. This is the second storage boost that Microsoft has given to Office 365 subscribers this year, last June users where upgraded to 1 TB. But rem...

Office 365 Pro Plus on Terminal Server/Citrix

To customize a Click-to-Run for Office 365 installation, administrators run the Office Deployment Tool and provide a custom Configuration.xml configuration file. The Office Deployment Tool performs the tasks that are specified by using the properties in th...

Anders Green – Blackbelt

Today Anders Green started at Altitude365. Anders has a long experience as an architect of communication and infrastructure solutions. He comes from Infozone where he spent four years working as a Senior Unified Communications Consultant with Lync, Exchang...

Play to learn #Office365

I love how this relates to how we use technology to do our dayly work. Play to learn. For us its more like “lets create an Office 365 tenant and build ADFS in azure and se how that ipad behaves when we add it via workplace join in Intune and Azure...

How does Microsoft protect Azure?

Well they do a lot of things keeping it secure, one of those things is “assuming breach” which is important so that they never let the guard down. You can learn more on how they employ a Red VS Blue team to attack and defend Microsoft Azure (an...

Altitude MEC QUIZ Questions round up

As you may have seen we have had a quiz during our road trip, with 10 Exchange or Office 365 questions. The winner will be chosen from the persons that answers all of the questions correct, attends MEC and sends in the best one-liner, we will give a score...

Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 10

Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 10   What is the size limit of an Archive mailbox in Exchange Online with an E3 subscription?   To answer this question, send an email to Good luck, The Altitude Crew...

Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 9

Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 9   What is an ImmutableID and how is it generated?   To answer this question, send an email to Good luck, The Altitude Crew...

Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 8

Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 8   What is your favorite Exchange Online Powershell oneliner?   To answer this question, send an email to Good luck, The Altitude Crew...

The Altitude Exchange Quiz Status

Hey experts,   The quiz is still open for all MEC attendees and you still have an equal chance to win our prizes! The last question will be published during Sunday 30/3. During Monday we will publish all questions in one blog post so you can make sure...

Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 7

UPDATE: The question was missing, so the post is updated. Thanks, John B, for pointing this out! Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 7   Scenario:   You are the administrator of an Office 365 tenant. You are asked to assign licenses to 250 users. None of...

Use Nokia Lumia as GPS

The Altitude crew has been on the road for a week now, travelling from Los Angeles to Tucson by car. When driving on unknown roads its really useful to have a GPS and for that matter we use the built in Here ™ GPS in the Nokia Lumia 1020. The GPS has all t...

Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 6

Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 6   Question:   Is it possible to get free busy coexistence between on premise Lotus Notes and Office 365 / Exchange Online? If possible, extra points for giving a high level explanation on how!   To answer this qu...

Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 5

Altitude MEC QUIZ Question 5   Question:   What mechanisms for encrypting a single e-mail are available from Office 365/Exchange Online?   To answer this question, send an email to Good luck, The Altitude Crew...

Skype + Roadtrip = Love

When we are travelling we use Lync Online to connect to partner, customers and colleagues. However, there is one gap and that is how to connect to our families. To connect to our families we use Skype because that gives us both voice and video and at no co...