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Vingåker Municipality

Vingåker municipality is a growing municipality in Södermanland with great digital ambition.

Vingåker municipality consists of about 9.000 inhabitants, spread out in urban and rural areas. They are responsible for everything from schools and education to social services and elder care. Their motto is “the smart countryside”, and digitalisation is seen as a necessary ingredient in offering equal services to all inhabitants.


The IT department in Vingåker municipality implemented a large scale upgrade of their Exchange environment a couple of years ago, and in conjunction with that, they decided to make the jump to Office365. In order to maintain strong support in the organisation, implementing the change successfully, and in the end make great use of the new digital environment, the municipality needed a partner with expertise and experience.


They started using consultant services from Altitude 365 in the early planning stages of the project. The IT department and experts from Altitude 365 worked closely together to develop both features in Office365 and the operation at large. Altitude 365 also took care of license management in order to analyse and adjust licence usage in a cost-efficient manner.


Vingåker municipality is now fully integrated into Office365, and the IT department can use their resources for developing operations using the tools enabled by the platform, instead of managing their own servers. The smart working from home features have made it possible for participants to attend meetings remotely.

”What we appreciate about Altitude 365 is the casual approach to IT. Their way of coming up with ideas and create solutions. We never had to sit through formalised sales pitches or empty promises – they were always straight to the point. Very appreciated!”

Dan Ulf, IT strategist Vingåker municipality