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Configuration and Security Lifecycle

Your company should always have the best possible security level and be up to date on all changes that are implemented in your Microsoft environment.

Configuration and Security Lifecycle | Is your Microsoft 365 configuration up to date? And is your company using it in a secure and optimized way? Altitude 365 makes configuration and security lifecycle easy.

Evergreen Services – Challenges and Benefits

Cloud-based services are making it easier for organizations to stay up to date on technology and ensuring robust security features. Microsoft’s cloud services are evergreen, meaning that they are updated automatically and new features are released continuously. While there are many benefits of this model, including easier scaleability, a more flexible IT environment and reduced IT operational costs, the challenges also need to be adressed.

A configuration that was up to date when implemented could be completely obsolete today, which means that it is of crucial importance that these services are managed properly. With Altitude 365, you get a managed service for security and lifecycle management that develops and secures your Microsoft 365 environment, making it easy to mitigate and follow up on security risks while simultaneously improving your overall usage of the Microsoft 365 Suite. We give you full access to the entire range of software that Microsoft offers, enabling you to be more efficient when you work, regardless if you work alone or in teams.

A Holistic Take on Your Configuration and Security Lifecycle

Altitude 365 is more than just technology, it is also a collaboration where you get access to our experienced IT consultants who can give you the advice you need to stay at the forefront in your business. We work together with you continuously and follow-up monthly on how your configuration and security lifecycle is doing.

Your company should always have the best possible security level and be up to date on all changes that are implemented in your Microsoft environment. You get a detailed report containing activities and scores for all important categories. These categories contain all the key security risks, including: identity-based threats and attacks and how to protect your company against them; device-based risks, where we make sure that your devices are protected regardless if you are at the office or traveling abroad; application-based threats, where we make sure that all relevant applications are configured correctly; and data-based threats, including encryption, tracking and GDPR compliance.

This is a great tool that you can use to make sure that all parts of your organization are secure, and that there are no cracks in the foundation of your security. We automatically gather data from Secure Score via Microsoft Graph, an API to develop services for Microsoft 365. The data contains no sensitive information and no personal details.

Altitude – Your Partner for Microsoft 365

Our senior advisors work together with your team to make sure that configuration and security is a continuous effort, not a one time thing. Every month we follow up on current activities, such as when you are reconfiguring your services or adding new features or software. We always strive to improve your Microsoft Secure/Compliance Score and thus increase your security.

Microsoft 365 Mobile Configuration and Security

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