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Privacy policy


Privacy policy | We handle the security of your personal data with maximum respect and consideration. On this page we describe how the collection and use of data is handled on this site to comply with applicable laws and regulations (GDPR).

What information do we store?
We only store the information that You fill in the forms.

What is the legal right for you to store personal information?
The consent that You provide to us by clicking ”Send”.

We only collect this information from You so that we may respond to Your comments. We will not use this information to send you newsletter or such.

How can you get more information about what we store about you?
Contact Ville Engholm, 070 30 90 756 or

How do you correct or erase your information?
Contact Ville Engholm, 070 30 90 756 or

How do you remove your consent?
Contact Ville Engholm, 070 30 90 756 or

Contactinformation for our Compliance Manager
Ville Engholm
Telefon: +4670 30 90 756

Responsible company that receives your information
Altitude 365 AB
Org.number: 556951-6387
113 53 Stockholm
Stockholms län