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Anders Green



Focus areas

Professional background

Anders has been working in the industry for 20 years. He has a long experience from Windows Server, Active Directory and Exchange. His main focuse is on Microsoft Cloud solutions (Office 365, Azure, EMS).

As a certified MCT he teaches classes based on the MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) between his consultant assignments. He act as a speaker at various conferences. He also has a role as a Microsoft P-Seller.

Anders is an experienced and curious consultant. He has a good knowledge not just about the technical side but also of the social sides and end-user needs.

Professional expertise

  • Office 365 – Design, advisory and implementation.
  • Microsoft Azure – Design, advisory and implementation.
  • Microsoft Skype – Design, advisory and implementation.
  • Migration to Active Directory/Exchange Online/OneDrive Services from anything.

Selected experience

Advisory Role and implementer in consolidation to Office 365

Anders helped a Swedish financial company to consolidate all their offices throughout Europe. starting with Sweden and then followed by 16 other countries. All users were connected to Office 365 services like Exchange/Skype/OneDrive/PowerBI etcetera. EMS was also implemented in the same time with conditional access on mobile devices. Migration sources were Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013, Google Mail, Office 365, PostFix, Google Drive, File Shares and Local Drives. Anders role was the Technical Lead, giving advice to the project and to guide each country IT department through the migration, to provision the tenant/users and the migration of data.

Mobile Platform with OneDrive for Business

In this project Anders developed a platform for the company users to easy migrate their data to OneDrive from local PC or home drives. To access the data all workstations were set under Intune controlled environment with conditional access and multifactor authentication. Techniques used in the project were PowerShell, Intune, Azure Information Protection and Office 365 services. The customer intended to implement this on 10K users in total.

Cloud Only Platform

A department from a company was detached and needed separate IT environment. Windows 10 together with Azure AD and Intune created the Cloud Only Platform. Productivity tools were Office 365 services with Exchange/Skype/OneDrive/SharePoint/Office365 groups. Anders role was to be the advisor, to plan the migration, to install the tools and to run the migration.

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