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Christoffer Backman



Focus areas

Professional background

Christoffer believes in being extremely service minded with the intention to always over-deliver. Right from the start of his working career he was fascinated by sales and how it’s possible to influence an entire company just by providing the right services.

With that in mind he built his own brand in sales by making sure customers will get the absolute best experience just by working together during the strategic and planning phases.

His career includes everything from scheduling meetings to act as a key
senior account manager. His main focus at Altitude 365 is help developing and setting the frameworks for sales and marketing.

Professional expertise

  • Sales and Negotiation.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Planning and Value Sales.
  • Partnership Management and Strategy.
  • Marketing.

Selected experience

Business Representative

Christoffer’s role was to prospect and cultivate new clients while coordinating meetings to assure key stakeholders were apprised of all business activities. He also leveraged industrial knowledge and client requirements in order to provide essential contributions to the strategic development of sales. Christoffer also maintained an in-depth knowledge of all aspects regarding business development, sales management and strategic market planning, while putting lots of effort in developing strong customer relations.

Digital Marketing

Christoffer developed an appropriate mix of digital marketing strategies to accelerate account performance and to capture new business opportunities for a large amount of customers in Sweden.

Consumer Electronics Specialist

In this project Christoffer conducted a competitive analysis in support to deliver insights and intelligence of the consumer, the market, and the competition. He collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop internal resources. He also worked with customer facing messaging to support product launches.

Sales Executive

The mission was to develop strategies of how to maintain good relationships with decision makers both within the private and the public sector, involving about 880 clients worldwide. Christoffer coordinated internal and external teams within an IT environment to ensure an efficient workflow within the organization. He also performed timely resolution to all requests and issues, as well as providing premier support and services to a broad scope of IT clients.

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