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Daniel Chronlund



Focus areas

Professional background

Daniel is a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP, Microsoft 365 security expert, blogger and consultant at Altitude 365, based in Sweden.

Daniel provides consultative services around Microsoft 365, cloud security and lifecycle management. He helps customers to work smarter, more secure, and to get the most value out of the Microsoft cloud.

Professional expertise

  • Microsoft 365 – Design, advisory and implementation​.
  • Azure – Design, advisory and implementation​.
  • PowerShell – Automation and tool building.

Blog posts

Configure your Microsoft Tenant for Altitude 365 Cloud Cost and Adoption Reports

This article explains the steps a new customer must perform to allow Altitude 365 to fetch license and usage data. No user account is required by Altitude 365. Instead, the customer registers an application/service principal in Azure AD representing the...

Measure Your Microsoft 365 Tenant Security

The CIS Microsoft 365 Foundations Benchmark will help you get the most important security settings in place in Microsoft 365. It’s a guidance for establishing a secure configuration posture for Microsoft 365 running on any OS.

Deploy Windows 10 like a Pro with Windows Autopilot

To sum it up, Windows Autopilot is a new and more modern way to deploy Windows. The device can be delivered from the OEM straight to the end user without passing through IT. The OEM registers the device with the customers tenant at the time of order and...

Retrieve and analyze Office 365 Usage Data with PowerShell and Microsoft Graph API

Why usage data is important | The move to Office 365 is not just about moving a bunch of data to someone else’s datacenter. It is a more modern way of working which provides fantastic opportunities around collaboration both internally and externally, sp...

Microsoft Teams automation using Graph API

Automate team lifecycle and management My name is Daniel Chronlund and I work as a Microsoft cloud specialist here at Altitude 365. Today I would like to share with you some inspir...