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David Ali



Focus areas

Professional background

David has more than 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, human resource and leadership, working with sales is the most stimulating he knows. David has worked with sales in Sweden and England with global customers.

David is passionate about creating efficiencies and digital transformation (DX). One of his qualities is to advance the customer to a more profitable business, meet the need for change, and enable new business opportunities

Professional expertise

  • Sales and Negotiation
  • Business Process Management and automation
  • Public Procurement
  • Business systems and ERP in Microsoft environments
  • Solution Selling
  • Six Sigma and Lean production
  • Sustainable Trade

Selected experience

Project manager

At one of the largest kiosk chains in the Nordic region, David automated one of the purchasing processes, resulting in the customer earning money on the waste. By moving statistics of goods sold, to purchased goods, they could calculate discounts on purchases instead of sales, which in turn enabled the customer to recover money from the waste. The purchasing department was transformed from a "cost-center" to a "profit center".

Key Account Manager

David was responsible for the sale of supplier invoice management system to one of Norway’s largest FMCG groups, with integration into several different ERP systems. The deal was one of the largest throughout the Nordic region.

Product development

Automation of audit recovery, In this project, David developed the requirement specification for a new module that reviews all supplier invoices and matches these backwards in time to find errors, in order to then bill the faults automatically back to the supplier, which resulted in a positive increase in cash flow.

Key Account Manager

When the social services and the government of Sweden took a decision to launch a whole new authority where state administrations could buy financial and administrative services, David was responsible for the sale of the procurement to pay system.

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