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Jon Jander



Focus areas

Professional background

Jon has been working as a consultant since 2007. He is a certified Azure architect and developer. He also holds two MCSE certifications in Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (Charter Member) and Desktop Infrastructure. His primary focus is all services from Azure, everything from IaaS to SaaS. He also does video casts, lectures and blogging.

Professional expertise

  • Office 365 – Design, advisory and implementation.
  • Microsoft Azure – Design, advisory, migration and implementation.
  • Powershell – Programming, design, debugging.

Selected experience

Datacenter migration to Azure

Jon helped a Swedish company to move various workloads into Azure, IaaS and PaaS. The solution contained OMS, ExpressRoute, IaaS (Network, Vm), PaaS (App, Sql, IoT).

Microsoft Azure Backup Server

A Swedish government agency was to implement and migrate their backup solution to MABS. Jon helped them with the process. The setup used was an all-in-Azure design to get maximum performance and flexibility.

ASM to ARM migration

In this project Jon helped a Swedish company to migrate multiple ASM subscriptions to ARM. This enabled the customer to use more of the functionality and to later be able to implement RBAC.

Blog posts

CI Pipeline for Unity3D projects in Azure DevOps

A quick guide how to set up Azure and Azure DevOps (VSTS) to automate the build process of your game made in Unity3D.

VSTS Build Agent + nodejs – Part 2

In my previous blog post, we examined how we can configure our virtual machine to be a VSTS building agent with support for node.js. We will now continue to look at how we can automate the deployment to Azure using Infrastructure as code (IaC).

VSTS Build Agent + nodejs – Part 1

This is a blog in several parts where I will tell you how you can automate the deployment of VSTS building agents using ARM, DSC and VSTS.

Altitude Lights

In december 2016 the idea of Altitude lights was born. Now we need you help to finish the project.

UPN Normalizer

As the world grows smaller and smaller, we need to do identity management smarter and faster. This post will help you to give Štěpán Horáčk a proper UPN / email address using PowerShell.

(ID 104 Details: Internal error code: 0x80990EF1) after MABSv2 update

Got problems after updating to MABS may update? | Microsoft recently released an update for Microsoft Azure Backup Server, “May 2017 update for Microsoft Azure Backup Server”. If you like me where protecting VMware server, you may have encountered this ...

How to solve poor man’s crypto ransomware

The ransom-ware out the have been around for a while and people have finally seen the benefits of cloud storage. But files are still synced to a local folder on the computer and are therefore still vulnerable. Microsoft helps customer to restore batches...

Securing Azure SQL Firewall

You may have an Azure SQL misconfigured allowing any address to connect, this is a bad idea and needs to be fixed. The problem comes when you need to limit your firewall and don’t know what addresses normally connects to your database. If you miss...

Automated Azure SQL scaling

This post tells you how to optimize you Azure SQL performance to make quick ROI.

Azure MySQL In App (preview) + WordPress

Microsoft recently announced a new feature in Azure Web App service called MySQL In App, as you can tell by the name this is an PaaS version of MySQL and it’s not ClearDB. The service is now in public preview and I like to show you how easy it is ...

Azure resource provider not registered

The scenario I have a new empty subscription, in it I create a new empty resource group and I add a user as owner to that resource group. The permission definition of “owner” is {*}, full access to everything. I also added the user as “Reader” on subscr...

17 Powershell tips

We are constantly learning new things and I like to share a couple of things that I’ve learned that i think all sysadmins need to know. So I have created a list of my first 17 Powershell tips and tricks. #1 If you are scripting against an external...

Azure RM Locks

Your Azure datacenter is growing and more and more administrators is getting access to your resources. RBAC have been around for a while in ARM (Azure resource manager) but perhaps you need an extra level of security especially from human error. On the ...

CADYC (Can Azure Drive Your Car) Part 2

Hi!! If you haven’t read Part 1 do it. It’s been a while but not without results. Let’s recap, I left you with a drunk driving ML and some new tasks to solve. Minimize latency problem / remove the drunk driver Make the ML predict Accel...

Where() method doesn’t work in Azure automation classes

At this moment Azure Automation is using Powershell version 5.0.10514.2 and for me this was a bit problematic. Because I was using a newer version, I know I have only myself to blame for all the testing and headache but here is a fun fact. .where() meth...

CADYC (Can Azure Drive Your Car) Part1

Can Azure Drive Your Car – I got the idea after making my GA code in PowerShell and then saw George Hotz self driving car ( ). I thought, I might be able to make mine own self driving car using Azure Machine L...