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Jonas Nervik



Focus areas

Professional background

Jonas believes that it is important to understand the customer's business goals in order to deliver solutions such as folders to the customer's needs. Jonas has a solid experience of selling software licenses and services to being a business area manager with personnel responsibility.

Jonas's strength is to understand complex problems and to explain solutions in a simple and understandable way. Honesty, sincerity and keeping promises are qualities that Jonas values in himself and others.

Professional expertise

  • Business development
  • Microsoft Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Procurement
  • Business Case

Selected experience

Solution Selling

Be part of a very successful team in volume license sales. Jonas was strongly contributing to developing the team to go from selling licenses through transaction, in order to create a business case with the customer.


Take part in the implementation of a new offer of a portal solution for delivery of e-courses from the start. Jonas was the driving force in sales and had a major part in the company's success on the stock exchange, both by selling training licenses and tailor-made customer solutions.

Business development

Join and start a new business area in licensing sales in Norway. This included training new colleagues, creating new offerings and establishing presence in the market.

Jonas was involved in developing an accelerator program for owner-led companies with growth ambitions. With the help of business modeling and value offerings, Jonas communicated with its clients to increase understanding of business development.


Be responsible for the procurement process for selling and delivering software licenses to one of the world's largest telecom companies. The procurement included several countries both internally and externally with the customer. Drive the process, from RFI to presentation of RFP. The value of the deal was approximately SEK 500M.

Engagement Manager

Be a support to product managers at one of the world's largest software companies to create activities that increase understanding of their customer needs.

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