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Mathias Ahlm



Professional background

Mathias is the natural born business builder. As far back as he can remember he has been fascinated with sales – especially with the expansion of businesses and the thrill of increasing profitability. He has used this passion throughout his career – from employee via self-employed entrepreneur to CEO at Altitude 365.

With the unique ability to effectively communicate ideas to a wide range of people – from employees to customers, his background in IT and IT efficiency has given him a keen grasp of the Management of Technology and Sales. These skill sets have served as the foundation of his success creating efficient processes enabling outstanding personal value and exceptional ROI.

Professional expertise

  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Management.
  • Business Optimization.
  • Organizational Development.
  • Acquisition and Integration Issues.
  • Sales and Negotiation.
  • IT Efficiency and IT Strategy.

Selected experience

Management Consultant

Directing client relations as well as contracting related and business acquisition initiatives. Spearheading projects for start up companies in the areas of IT Efficiency and IT Strategy, Productization, Agreements Related Service and Services Solution Architecture.

Acquisition and Integration Manager

Responsible for front work acquisition process, translating business objectives into active acquisition strategies while cultivating a highly developed understanding of industry best practices that drive productivity, cost, and efficiency improvements.

Director Service management

Mathias was assigned to establish a national organization based on a variety of local businesses. The goal was to create a common national deal for the former local services, while achieving a more precise partner focus, higher sales efficiency and better delivery.

Technical Director

The mission in this project was to develop and refine the technical organization, as well as to develop and package the offering to the market. Mathias constructed solution-driven strategies to proactively introduce Solutions Selling Sales Methodology to the sales organization for a range of
IT efficiency projects.

Blog posts

Altitude 365 is one of Sweden’s most successful companies!

Altitude 365 has been named one of Sweden's most successful companies by DI Gasell and is thus one of Sweden's fastest growing and most profitable companies.

Do you want to become one of us?

During the first half of the year we have had enormous success and when we close the books we see that growth is + 40%. Of course, this is incredibly fun, as it is also proof that our "story" is true and that our employees are somewhat extraordinary.

Two SM Gold to Sadik Sadik and Team Altitude

Altitude 365 will never be the company that symbolizes moderation! We are the company that associates us with people who devote their lives to constantly refining and sharing their skills with the goal of achieving perfection, just like our TEAM Altitud...

Proud sponsor of Sadik Sadiks World Championship journey

Altitude 365 will never be the company that symbolizes moderation! We are the company that associates us with people who aim their lives to constantly refine and share their knowledge with the goal of achieving perfection, just like our proud WM hop Sad...

Three New Consumption Workshops

We have now released three new Consumption-based Workshops in the Modern Data Center that inspire your employees in an effective way to become "productive heroes" while at the same time as a companie, you will benifit even more from your cloud investment.

From all of us to all of you!

Ready or not, Christmas is quickly approaching and not many days remain until ham, christmas gifts and Santa Claus seize all of our attention.

Sweden, we have a result!

During the days at TechDays we got a lot of questions if we built something "cool" in Azure that would handle the draw itself? Although we initially intended to run a more old-fashioned method of nameplates with correct answers in a bowl, we felt that t...

Be extra thirsty at TechDays tomorrow!

This year, it’s no problem to come extra thirsty for TechDays, because we at Altitude 365 have bought 4,000 bottles of water that will be distributed at the fair. Also note that the bottles are the key to our TechDays lottery that has many great prizes ...

Consulting manager with Project responsibility

We are expanding and are now looking for a Consultant manager with Project manager responsibility, to help Sweden become world leader in digitalization!

Microsoft Inspire – Top 5 reflections from a first-time visitor

I have just come home from my first Microsoft Inspire (formerly Microsoft WPC (World Partner Conference)) and I would like to share my top 5 reflections based on my own preconceived opinions, hoping that other first-time visitors can get even better pre...

Altitude 365 – Finalist in the IAMCP International Inspire 2017 Partner Awards program

Altitude 365 is delighted to be Selected as a Finalist in the IAMCP 2017 Global Partner-to-Partner Awards Program. Awards will be presented at Microsoft Inspire in Washington, DC on Tuesday, July 11th at 1:30 pm in the Commons Community Hub Theatre.

The differences between Office 365 Business Premium/E3/SPE E3

Have you ever wondered what the big differences are between Office 365 licensing Business Premium, E3 or SPE E3 and why is SPE E3 in round numbers are three times more expensive than a Business Premium?

Complete supplier or best of breed? This is how you become a great buyer of IT.

To install or buy IT are two completely different things. If you want to become a good buyer, you have to let go of the thought of daily control and quick fixes. Instead it’s all about long-term work with focus on how the average delivery is working.

Business Representative – Public

We are now looking for a salesperson with full focus on Public, to help Sweden become world leader in digitalization! We handle applications on a regular basis and the position may be fulfilled before the deadline date. Deadline for application is 16 June.