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Viktor Gilbertsson



Focus areas

Professional background

Viktor’s primary focus are Azure, Cloud Security, mobile device management and identity. He believes in scripting all work if possible.

Viktor is the type of person that is or at least try to be happy all the time. We are all humans living on the same planet and everybody should be able to smile every day. Viktor will do his best to make you happy.

Viktor likes to workout at the gym, go out with friends and study next generation technologies. He is really into extreme sports, loves scuba diving and is looking forward to get his skydive certificate. In the winter Viktor loves to go snowboarding. And he would definitely say yes if you asked him to go fishing!

Professional expertise

  • Enterprise mobility and security – Design, advisory and implementation.
  • Microsoft Azure – Design, advisory and implementation.
  • Office 365 – Design, advisory and implementation.
  • DevOps – Design, advisory and implementation.
  • PowerShell – Scripting, Modules, DSC.

Selected experience

Mobile Device Management

Viktor helped implementing mobility and security licenses for a company with 1.000 users. The customer needed a way to manage all their devices in a BYOD world. Intune was the choice and Azure AD was used to centralize the identity for all the line of business applications.

Azure Workshops

Viktor held workshops during 1-5 days in many different forms. Primarily the workshops were focused on Azure and DevOps in Azure. Some of them were value discovery workshops and some offered a deep dive into specific areas of Azure.

DevOps implementation

Viktor and a coworker implemented a complete release pipeline. Together they provided development, testing, staging and production of the environments for around 100 developers and 20 applications. All the infrastructure is now running on Azure. Not having to deal with the infrastructure the developers quickly became more efficient at their work. A new project can now be set up and start running in a matter of minutes.

Blog posts

Password-less and hardware oath tokens with Azure AD

“You can reduce your odds of being compromised by up to 99.9% by implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA).” – Microsoft 2018 security research

Default template in Microsoft Office.

Many organizations have standard templates for how documents are produced. So how can we facilitate and make sure we have a default theme chosen from the start? It is actually very simple.

Security workshop in Israel

Four days left to Christmas and Intune just got user risked based conditional access released in preview, that is cool, really looking forward to the new Intune admin experience. Intune is a part of EM+S and security is always a important topic. Me and ...