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Ville Gullstrand



Professional background

I inspire people to embrace the potential of today!

"Inspire people to embrace the potential of today" is the mission of Altitude 365 AB and it happens to resonate perfectly with me, what I believe and where I stand. This is what it means to me, broken down word by word.

Inspire - This is the method I trust and believe in. By inspire first (the why), I'm confident people will find instructions after (the how).
People - I don't work with organizations. I work with people! We should listen to hear, not to be able to respond.
To embrace - For you to be fully motivated, I want you to drive your practice from within. For your own reasons. That's why it's important that you embrace.
The potential - This could be so many things! Productive ways of work, applications, methods and much more. I want you to reach your highest potential and be the best you.
Of today - Whatever potential is available, I want you to be inspired to embrace it. In an evergreen world, everything constantly changes. This keeps me on my toes and keeps you informed on the latest and greatest.

FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect 2021

Professional expertise

  • Power BI
  • Office 365 Onboarding Excellence
  • Power Platform
  • Automation
  • Project Management
  • Process and Lifecycle Management
  • IT Operations
  • IT Governance
  • IT Strategy

Selected experience

Rolling out Teams Only for 12 500 users

For one large public customer, Ville was tasked with moving to Teams only for about 12 500 users. It had to be done with as small impact as possible and resources where limited.
By combining Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Power Platform and Forms he managed to make the transition with 2 reported requests (not incidents) in about 1,5 month time.

Project Manager

In his role as a Project Manager at Altitude 365 Ville coordinated and led many migrations to Office 365, including the private as well as the public sector. During the autumn of 2016

he led two projects for a customer with about 4.500 users to handle and automate life cycle management as well as to govern Office 365 regarding change, incident, problem, event management and more.

Value improvement

As a Strategic Advisor to a media company with about 3.000 users Ville supported and assisted the customer to achieve a greater value from Office 365. In this role he helped the customer with new ways of achieving value and he also educated the end users.

Blog posts

Recurring tasks using a Button in Flow

During the fall of 2019, I attended TechDays Sweden as a Speaker alongside my colleague (and one of the founders of Altitude 365) Magnus Göransson. We had 2 sessions. One was a pre-day in the PowerPlatform and the other was a 1 hour session on every day...

Streaming Datasets in Power BI with Twitter

Ah, yes. The mighty Power Platform in which your imagination is usually the biggest obstacle. Today my creativity stretches from Twitter to Power Automate and into Power BI. The best part of this blogpost is that you can do this yourself and it’ll take ...

Stay relevant in your Champions Team

In an ever changing, evergreen, cloud environment you should really consider a Champions program to be successful. One simple way of getting everyone together is to create a Team in Microsoft Teams for your Champs to collaborate, share ideas and so on. ...

Skype to Teams – Some thoughts

The number of organizations out there that are not showing interest in moving from Skype to Teams are becoming something of an endangered species. Some would say that only the dead fish follow the stream and I’ve never truly understood that saying. In t...

Some things to consider regarding Adoption

Times are changing. Times has changed already actually. In our new era of the evergreen cloud, onboarding and adoption seems to be on everyone’s minds. I figured I might as well share some of my ideas around the area in a blog post instead of just talk ...

Crimes data maps with Power BI

Crimes data visualized | I recently got an assignment for a customer to build a Power BI report that will visualize geographical data for politicians in order for them to make more informed decisions. This inspired me the same way it obviously would hav...

Create a Champions Team in Microsoft Teams. In 10 minutes!

Build your Champions team. In Teams. Allright so many organizations are creating their Champions teams of early adopters to help them in their quest to adopt the services and ways of working with Microsoft 365. Refer to this blog post as guidelines or t...

Stay productive, enhance To-Do using Power BI

Keep track of your tasks | That sentence usually means to keep track of your actual tasks in lists and such. What I mean this time is how you keep up with an acceptable amount of tasks to make sure you keep improving and accomplishing over time.

Teams meetings made easy

I’ve spent about 200 hours in Teems meetings when this blog post is written. Based on that experience I’ve conducted this blog post as a sort of quick step guide on the things to consider for the perfect meeting. Unless you want to spend 10 minutes read...

Overlooked features and functions in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is rather self-explained, and people got the hang of most of the basic features by now. There are however a great deal of features and functions that I often see gets overlooked. This blog post describes some of those!

Changing your name in a Microsoft Cloud enviroment

Almost all organizations occasionally end up in the situation where an employee changes their name. This time it was my own turn as I got married and changed my surname! Getting married was awesome but this blog entry will describe my experience of the ...

Power BI Insights reports

Data-driven insights | Microsoft cloud services provide us with lots of new opportunities and information, but for it to be valuable, it needs to be refined and interpreted..

Villes Productivity Tips – Saving time with Excel

There are countless of shortcuts in Excel that saves lots of time and energy! Here are some tips and trix to start the new year with!

Goal-Seek in Excel

Do you ever wonder what would happen if a detail was changed? "What-if"? With Goal-seek in Excel, you can actually do this!.

GDPR Dashboard in Security and Compliance Center

New dashboard in Security and Compliance center | Microsoft brings together the tools to make them more accessible based on the GDPR perspective.

Productive meetings

We get a plethora of products in Office 365! Some seem to make the same things as well. How to know when to use what? I did not intend to immerse in just all of the products here, but I will list a number that can make your meetings easier!

Maximum value from the Power BI adoption content pack

Microsoft released the long-awaited Adoption content pack to Power BI. Here I’ll describe how to maximize the value from the preview available!

Villes productivity tip Divide text in Excel columns

Villes Productivity Tips – divide text in Excel | There are lots of occasions when it may be good to separate text in lists. In the example below, a poor fellow has encountered a malicious virus that renamed all the users files and added a new file exte...

Golden grains from Inspire 2 of 2

Inspire is over for this year and in this blog post, my best experiences and the kind of gold I want to share most of me sum up! This is blog post number 2 of 2

Golden graines from Inspire 1 of 2

Inspire is over for this year and in this blog post I will summarize my best experiences and the kind of golden grains I want to share! This is blog post number 1 of 2.

First day of Microsoft Inspire – Summary of Frontline workers, Teams and Microsoft 365 Enterprise

What do I mean by official, you might be thinking. Altitude 365 is included in the High Touch Partner Program and we had a pre-day on Sunday so it felt like we were already running today. There are, of course, lots to write about after this day, but I h...

Get started with Microsoft Teams!

Everyone works in different way. However, the important thing is not how you work, but what results are achieved. If I can do more efficient work and save time, I get less stressed and can spend more time for something else.
What I like with Microsoft ...

Free up more time!

Tired of creating instructions?
I work a lot with onboarding of Office 365. Many people think it's boring with all these guides that have to be produced, but one thing that might not be well known is that there are loads of...

Starkare tillsammans

Bolag inom både publik och offentlig sektor efterfrågar en alltmer kostnadseffektiv, platsoberoende och säker digital arbetsplats. Därför går nu Altitude 365 och Uclarity samman och bildar ett gemensamt specialistbolag.
Fortsätt på Altitude 365Kolla in Exobe

Altitude 365 + Uclarity – Årets Modern Work Partner!

Vinnaren är ett bra exempel på hur en “Born in the Cloud” ständigt förbättrar sitt erbjudande, arbetar nära och proaktivt med Microsoft för att hjälpa kunderna på deras digitaliseringsresa. Plus att vi på Microsoft verkligen ser fram mot den nya bolags-konstellationen (Altitude 365 + Uclarity) för ett “Starkare Tillsammans”.

Uclarity och Altitude 365 - Starkare tillsammans

Uclarity är specialister på digitala möten, telefoni, kontaktcenter och digitalt arbetssätt. Altitude 365 är specialister på säkerhet, mobilitet och hur bolag kan optimera resan till Microsoft365. Nu gör vi gemensam sak och bildar bolag tillsammans.

– Pandemin har tydliggjort behoven av en modern digital arbetsplats och vi har diskuterat ett samgående med Altitude 365 under en längre tid. Våra kunder har behov av specialistkompetens och tillsammans blir vi en ledande specialist inom Digital Workplace-området, säger Niklas Olsson Hellström, VD Uclarity AB.

Tommy Clark, Partner, Altitude 365, kommenterar:
– Inget bolag köper det andra utan båda bolagen får lika stora delar i det nya bolaget. Vår ledstjärna är att vi blir starkare tillsammans och att vi kan hjälpa våra kunder under hela deras resa.
Målet med sammanslagningen är att kunna hjälpa kunder med både teknik och effektiva arbetssätt.

– Det är då våra kunder får önskad effekt av sin investering i den digitala arbetsplatsen, säger Niklas Olsson Hellström.

Båda bolagen har svenska och internationella kunder från både privat och offentlig sektor. Sammanslagningen resulterar i en organisation på 50+ anställda baserade i Stockholm, Örebro och Göteborg.

För frågor, vänligen kontakta;
Tommy Clarke, Partner, Altitude 365 AB, 0703-593854,
Niklas Olsson Hellström, VD, Uclarity AB, 0734-198016,

Fortsätt på Altitude 365Kolla in Exobe