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Journey from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is working hard to build Skype features into teams and soon Microsoft teams will be the only client for real-time communication and the hub for collaboration!

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About our Workshops

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We guide you on the journey from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams!

In Microsoft’s vision for Intelligent Communications, Microsoft Teams is a key players for collaboration and communication. During this workshop, we will review the Microsoft Roadmap and explain the possibilities available to your organization, based on your previous prerequisites for moving from Skype for Business to Microsoft teams.

Whether you currently have Skype for Business in your own environment or in the cloud, we’ll explain the possibilities of Skype for Business as well as the hybrid connection and walk you through the move to Microsoft teams.

Suitable receiver

This workshop is primarily aimed at IT managers, it strategists, IT pros and it architects.

What do you get?

Since we tailor this workshop based on your specific needs and the stage you are in, the results and delivery may look different, but our goal with the workshop is that you should have:

  • Understanding of Microsoft’s vision on Intelligent communication
  • Knowledge on what services and opportunities are available with Microsoft Team
  • Knowledge of how the technology can be used to help users
  • Understanding of how to move from Skype to Teams
  • A plan based on your prerequisites of how to move to Microsoft Teams

Time & Place

Total time is two days of which the workshop is one day and takes place at your location or on Skype/Teams. One day is dedicated to pre/follow-up meetings, documentation and reporting on Skype/teams. We start with situation analysis and discussion of how you use Skype today. Next, we’ll review various Microsoft team features and services, as well as the possibilities to go from Skype to Teams. Some features can be set up for testing, this provides the opportunity to go through the functions even after completing the workshop.

Download Workshop (PDF)