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The Modern Workplace, The Modern Datacenter and Compliance With Regulations And Protection Against Modern Threats.

About our Workshops

Altitude 365 | Our mission is to understand businesses needs and through the clouds benefits transform employees into productive heroes, so they can focus on what they do best! As part of our quest to turn “employees into productive heroes”, we have designed a variety of Workshops, all with the purpose to support your digitizing journey in an inspiring and efficiently way.

Our workshops are divided into three categories; The Modern Workplace, The Modern Data Center, and Compliance With Regulations And Protection Against Modern Threats. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can always contact us for a customized experience!

The Modern Workplace

Journey from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is working hard to build Skype features into teams and soon Microsoft teams will be the only client for real-time communication and the hub for collaboration!

Work more efficiently with Teams

You may have already installed Office 365 but feel that there are tools in the toolbox as you do not really know how to use. During this workshop we go through how Microsoft Teams can be used to streamline your work and in addition increase quality.

Digitization in practice

There is a lot of talk about digitization, but not as much how to proceed from a practical standpoint. In this Workshop theory is varied with practical examples that demonstrate the powerful tools available already today.

Streamline your Skype meetings

Have you ever been to a Skype or other online meeting where some of the participants did not heard or where video does not work as expected? This workshop gives you all answers together with valuable tips for how to best use your investment for online meetings.

Business case for Microsoft 365

How can Microsoft’s platform help you and what does it mean? In this workshop, we identify specific areas where Microsoft 365 can create new opportunities for your organization.

From Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365

If you work in an environment based on Lotus Notes and Domino, you have probably received the question from the business if you can switch to a Microsoft-based system instead.

How do you use Microsoft 365 today?

Our workshop on the use of Microsoft 365 addresses to those who have already started using some of Microsoft’s cloud services, but may not have achieved the desired results yet.

Microsoft 365 in School

Our workshop on Microsoft 365 in school is addressed to municipalities and organizations involved in education activities.

Name standards in the Cloud

More and more companies choose for obvious reasons to introduce Office 365 as the profits are numerous. This new solution also means that the playing field changes in many ways.

Power BI – First Touch

Our workshop about Power BI addresses to you who want simple insights! We will look at tools that you already have access to and during the workshop we will work with real data from your environment.

The Modern Data Center

Active Directory Health check

For many companies, an On-Premises Active Directory is still a reality and something likely to remain in the future, despite the progress with Microsoft 365.

Active Directory migration

and needs to integrate the new company’s IT environment with its own. It may also be that you sell a part of a company or that a previous complex AD design needs to be simplified.

Business case for Azure

How can Azure become your platform for digitization and what does it mean? In this workshop, we identify concrete areas where Azure can create new opportunities for your organization.

Infrastructure as Code

To move faster from idea to finished product is widely discussed at all development departments right now. But how do you do it in practice?

OMS True hybrid data center

What is Azure? It can be described as Microsoft’s state-of-the-art data center in the cloud. No matter where you are - if you are traveling to the cloud or if you have chosen to invest in a separate data center - this package is suitable.

Correct configuration of Azure

We often meet customers who have acquired Azure without using the services available - either because they do not know how to do it or because the services are not properly configured.

Compliance With Regulations And Protection Against Modern Threats

Document protection with AIP

With GDPR there is a requirement to classify the documents. In addition, you need to be able to protect (encrypt) its information more and more.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR is high on each organization’s agenda. To speed up the process, quickly check the current situation and identify the desired measures, we have developed a practical workshop.

How are emails sent from your domains?

Our e-mail security workshop focusing on SPF, DKIM and DMARC is addressed to those who want to secure and protect domains against spoofing.

Optimate your safety around email

Our workshop on optimizing email security is aimed at all organizations that use email and especially to those who consider ransomware to be a threat.

Security functions in Microsoft ’s Cloud

Security is important, regardless of whether you have the IT environment in your own data center or in the cloud. GDPR is high on each organization’s agenda.